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    Actually, this one may not be as silly as it seems at first blush. He's being accused of routinely sowing bird seed on the ground, rather than up off the ground in bird feeders. (Of course, "accused" doesn't necessarily mean "guilty".) The city's (and neighbors') legitimate concern is that bird seed is a food that rats highly prize. Rats in a neighborhood are bad news for everyone. Disease and structural damage through gnawing are very real problems. We've just gone through that in our community because of a boneheaded neighbor who stubbornly and foolishly insisted on leaving out copious quantities of dried dog food for his pets and just dumping bird seed on the ground for the doves. In no time at all we had the first rats I've seen in this neighborhood in the 36 years we've lived here. An aggressive trapping program - and the doofus neighbor moving away - rectified the situation fairly quickly.

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    Simple solution. Around here we have any number of owls and hawks resident, usually manages the rodent population very well.

    I do get a field mouse in the attic every so often in the winter.... wouldn't know myself, but the cats hear them up there. So when the cats are on top of the entertainment center staring at the ceiling, I know it's time to get the traps baited again.

    (It's downright spooky how keen their hearing is!)

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