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Thread: A Sad, Sad Day! 25 Navy Seals killed in Afghanistan

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    It's always said whenever we loose our brothers and sisters in arms. No matter who you are, You can not help to shed a Tear. I know I do. My ringtone on my phone is TAPS so that I never forget the fallen heros who Utimatly have given the greatest sacrafice.

    Tonight my family, and I will include these Navy Seals and crew who have given their ALL. In our prayers. Gods speed to them, and their Families.

  3. All these men are engage with one arm tied behind their back, they need to come home. Let those camel jockies kill themselves.
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    Hubby and I share your sentiments. It is a sad day for our men. Let us hope they did not die in vain. I am sure that when they come home and this illegal man in Black House pay his respect it will be televise. I blame him for their death.
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    It is the nature of war that good men die. It is a tragedy, but all we can do is to take pride in these men and their accomplishments, and take care of their families. Rest in peace, gentlemen.
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    The Navy Seal Prayer

    If I may respectfully say so sometimes you are a strange God. Though you love all mankind, It seems you have a special predilections too.
    You seem to love those men who can stand up alone who face impossible odds, Who challenge every bully and every tyrant ~
    Those men who know the heat and loneliness of a calvary. Possibly you cherish men of this stamp because you recognize the mark of your only son in them.
    Since this unique group of men known as the SEALs know calvary and suffering, teach them now the mystery of the resurrection ~ that they are indestructible, that they will live forever because of their deep faith in you.
    And when they do come to heaven, may I respectfully warn you, Dear Father, they also know how to celebrate. So please be ready for them when they insert under your pearly gates.
    Bless them, their devoted Families and their Country on this glorious occasion.
    We ask this through the merits of your Son, Christ Jesus the Lord, Amen."

    By Reverend E.J. McMalhon S.J. LCDR, CHC, USN

    Awards Ceremony SEAL Team One

    1975 At NAB, Coronado
    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

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    A tragic loss for the Naval Special Warfare dept and their families and friends and Brothers with the Teams.

    You cannot just replace 25 DEVGRU sailors. A tragic and horrible loss to our fight on terror and for the families and friends of these Warriors.

    From all accounts thus far available it was a pretty dicey situation to begin with prior to these SEALs being called on as a QRF to their brothers who where in harms way.

    Rest easy Frogs, your watch is over.
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