Firearm Carry Laws Should Be Federal
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Thread: Firearm Carry Laws Should Be Federal

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    Arrow Firearm Carry Laws Should Be Federal

    By TIM WEST [email protected] August 9, 2011 11:20PM

    "Indeed, it seems inevitable that Illinois will eventually pass legislation that allows individuals to carry concealed firearms.

    What seem unlikely not all that many years ago has resulted in every state in the union, except Illinois, having at least some form of right-to-carry law.

    Once states began to allow their residents to carry firearms, either concealed or open, and the Wild West type mayhem on the streets that the anti-gun folks had predicted did not occur, what slight rationality there may have been in keeping citizens from being able to protect themselves began to disappear.

    Even law enforcement officials now mostly favor the citizenry having the right to carry arms. In an article in Sunday’s Sun, not one of the 12 law enforcement leaders in our area who were interviewed expressed opposition to concealed carry legislation.

    The major opposition to a concealed carry law in our state comes from gun control advocates and Chicago politicians, who seem to hew to the belief that allowing honest citizens to protect themselves is somehow going to increase the level of violence in Illinois society."
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    no federal involvement

    If you concede that firearm laws are the realm of the federal government then a group of politicians in California loby for national mag. bans which now get enacted nation wide.

    I like California and NY and Chicago being seperate from my great state of FL.


  4. I feel sorry for the residents of Illinois, but I would NEVER put this right in the hands of the feds. That just gives Obama the ability to move the House and the Senate to band CCPs and handguns in one swift move. The people of Illinois need to take their fight the the State and the county they live in.

  5. Just say no

    Whenever someone starts a question "Do you think there should be a law..." my answer is 99.44% of the time no.
    If the question starts. "Do you think there should be federal law..." my answer is absolutely no, never not in this life or the next.
    The only gun law the feds have a right to is the FOPA, and I'm not even sure that is necessary.

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    I agree that the gun laws should remain at a State level, and that the States need to get together and draft a set of laws that are very similar so that reciprocity will be more uniform, and every state could sign a pact honoring each others laws, similar to drivers licence reciprocity. By all means keep the FEDS out of our face with federal laws. We need to petetion our congressional leaders for an amendment to the Constitution of the United States making it impossible for the first TEN amendments (Bill of Rights) to be altered, changed, or repealed. NO EXCEPTIONS.
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    Already have a federal law called 2nd Amendment, should be carry open or concealed in every state in the Union.

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    I strongly disagree that the Federal government should take the place of State laws regarding firearms. It is tough enough to expell anti-gun politicions at the state level, almost impossible at the FEDERAL level. To let the FEDERAL government be in charge of who gets to carry a gun is like putting the FOX in charge of the HEN HOUSE. Plus according to the United States Constution Article 2, Section 3, the President is given the authority to and I quote "HE SHALL TAKE CARE THAT THE LAWS BE FAITHFULLY EXECUTED". That means that President Obama would be in charge of enforcing all FEDERAL carry laws. We at this site(USA CARRY) often disagree about many things, but is there ANYBODY on this site who wants OBAMA in charge of your guns?????? I didnt think so. Oh, there is also something called the 2nd amendment also. I have been out of work for years and it would be nice to see Obama standing in the unemployment line next year.

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    While "I" wouldn't mind all states being forced to allow me to carry.... that is un-American at it's core. I beleive in states rights, not the federal gov't. As much as "I" think every state should allow carry, I... and the federal gov't have NO right to force them to do so.

    It's up to the voters of that state to vote in pro-gun reps who will pass the laws they wish. Now, I know that is easier said than done... I'm not ignorant to that.

    The less the federal gov't controls, the more the states and people do... and the better off we are as a country.

    Note: I carry everywhere I go, and I'm prepared to face the possible consequences if that breaks the law. This is choice each individual must make.
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    Let's wait a year or so before we talk about making ANYTHING else Federal. OK?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeauRyker View Post
    Let's wait a year or so before we talk about making ANYTHING else Federal. OK?
    Exactly the point, I believe.. If we could get enough Federal votes to enact something, it wouldn't be long before the Anti's would have enough votes to repeal it..
    I like the states in control of this issue.. If Florida were to repeal all of it's gun laws, I've always got the choice of moving to another state.. IF it's a Federal thing, then I'm (and all the rest of us) are just plan screwed..

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