There are much deeper currents at work than what we see on the surface. The United States is changing. It was changing long before the current administration, and it won't settle down until long after.

The level of discontent is high right now, and it's difficult to reconcile stability with evolution. We need to remain Constitutionalists, because it is the foundation and guide for what we do and who we are, yet we must evolve to accept new ideas and ways of thinking. How do we do both?

Like people, countries and economies fluctuate in waves. There are highs and lows, times of peace and times of strife, and some are more pronounced than others.

Today's US is different from the one we had in the 80s, which was quite different from the one we had in the 60s, which was vastly different from the one we had in the 40s.

Change is inevitable, so the only question we really need to answer is how do we grow without losing our roots?