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    ATF Challenge

    "When war does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard."
    Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

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    Following is an opinion only:
    JPFO is a good source of education materials for all things Bill of Rights. They started as a firearms ownership educational materials organization but morphed into all freedom, all Bill of Rights. It is where I get a majority of items I use to help educate by handing things out on occasion and nearly always leaving a Grandpa Jack booklet or other material in offices, waiting rooms, counters, etc. It is there I found a goodly amount of materials regarding the NRA's history of second amendment compromises. Also featured is a letter exchange between JPFO and the NRA regarding the BATF... A must read and is very easily found at JPFO by even the most keyboard challenged among us. OK, ok, someone is going to quote a small portion of this post and accuse me of stretching the truth, so here it is: JPFO - NRA correspondence There is lots there to read!

    So why do I have an NRA membership? The nearest outdoor gun club, with private shooting areas to boot, requires NRA membership to join. I've written letters and provided printed information as to the NRA's history of compromising our rights to protect thier own jobs, requesting that membership to any of the NRA, GOA or SAF be allowed as membership requirements. Of course, there is a financial incentive for the club to only require NRA membership of its members.

    So while I have an NRA membership there are no further donation to them from me. My memberships at SAF, GOA, USCCA and JPFO (JPFO is not a lobby organization, educational only btw) are also supplemented with donations to them from time to time, as my finances permit, as these guys don't compromise. [Side note: Compromising with gun control is one reason I recommend Springfield Armory products rather than S&W's, and falling in line with Obamao's administration will keep me from considering any future GM products so will replace my vehicle with a Ford when it's time.]

    It's only common sense, really, to read my signature now.
    1)"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson.
    2)"Imagine how gun control might be stomped if GOA or SAF had the (compromising) NRA's 4 million members!" -Me.

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