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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    Oh, did I mention Al Sharpton,
    Nobody realy listens to that guy anymore. He's on the list of irrelivant people along with Benjamin Chavis, Lewis Farrakan, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Faldwell.

  3. MY true colors are red, white,blue and marine green. I served my country, and love it. In all it's many people of color. Thats my true color MR. How have you done anything to serve. Blowjobs at the bus station.
    Al Sharpton ! man he is so long gone out of anything you still bringing him up! Hey shithead Man go play with yourself and stay away from the computer. You are to scared to say anything like this to a man's face, so you bring your hate here. your a scumbag. You have no substance to anything you have said, You pick things
    out of your sick mind and spray hoping it sticks. if that paper from the lady years ago when she was in college is all you got( and you took it out of context) and you have nothing beside (Al sharpton and jessie Jackson who have no input in the whitehouse ) to attack the pres by slandering his wife. your a poor litte sickminded ****. go play with the other skinheads and jerk each other off and tell each other what men you are. But you never served a day for this country in any way. I work and have never got any money from anyone I did not earn. You would get your mouth busted if you said that **** to me in person *****.
    I can respect a man who has a beef if he said it to the man he was mad at to his face.
    You go and attack his wife and say vile crap. Thats not the way of a man with honor.
    your yellow thats you, your a back stabing, lying piece of crap.
    you can't talk about service to the U.S.A. cause you never did anything to help. your want the U.S.A. to be white and no faith in any God. You want to be Hitler! You in love with Himler, Gorring, little Nazie boy.
    do you have the swasticker in your room, do you wear Jackboots and march with da other bald boys.
    is Mein Kampf your only book. your sad little hate spraying pervert.Shut up and be careful a man might hear you in public and you would pee your pants. Have you ever done anything as a man. Your still a virgin right.
    cause what woman could stay with a wimp like you. Let me guess your alone! right! No wife! Thats a shock!
    You know why you never get people to join you? Cause you want to be the leader. You could not lead a circle jerk. Anyone who would join you is less than a man, No honor, pride, respect, or love for others. you is all you got. So take your self to dinner and a movie and may be you get some later from yourself But I don't think so you can stand you.
    Ask not what this shithead can do for you cause he can't do antthing for himself

  4. White tiger, sorry for you, you seam very angry. Based on your words, you seam to be an unstable hot head. I only hope that you are just clowning around and this is not your normal state of mind.

    I really think you should enroll in a grammar school and spend less time here, so that the thousands of people that read your illiterate and improper use of the American language don't think you are a total moron. I hope this helps!
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

  5. Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Nobody realy listens to that guy anymore. He's on the list of irrelivant people along with Benjamin Chavis, Lewis Farrakan, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Faldwell.
    Yeah really, tell that to Imas in the morning. Nappie headed hoes, member?
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

  6. This is America. Home of the free and land of the brave. All of us. Don't your think it time to let go of the hate. You say things about blacks under color of your rants. That would get you beat up and arrested in public place. your a sad hateful man, There is so much wonderful life in all colors of people, I love to share life with all lawabidding people. I am high school coach. I have kids of all races and backgrounds they all are great and are wonderful people. There allways seems to be someone like you wooddoc who hates everyone. The sad fact is you want a war. Guess what? We had one. The civil war. We have been trying to bring together all Americans ever since. You want to keep us apart. yea there is crime and poor people but how in hell is your hateful kkk rantss going to help.
    Oh by the way. your a coward. You say this stuff in a open place. You would get your butt kicked and then arrestted for starting it. We have free speach but you start shouting fire in a theater ya know ecet,ect.
    You picked the wrong place to spew your hate. people here will stand up to your kkk rants and tell you your a sick old man. your type of hate should have died in the fields of the civil war.
    our war vets just coming home deserve better after serving this country and dying and bleeding for it than your old send the blacks back to africa. they served this country what have you done? TELL ME YOU EVER SERVE?
    NO you NEVER have. we bled for it. You just suck.

  7. Thousands see this? WOW!!! You are very brave to let them see your "send them back to Africa stuff. OH WAIT NO YOUR JUST DUMB! Lets see first your going attack Black people then the Jewish people then the people who don't agree with you. Wow your real dumb only people like you like you.
    Go back to school and learn what America is you spend to much time in spelling bees and circle jerks to learn America is Red, White,and Blue. I am very passionet about our people and all people. Today is 9-11. Other people who hate have made this day a horrible day for ever. So many have died and been tore apart because of their hate.
    You still spew that hate. GOD what will it take to bring you out of your sick twisted perverison
    sad mind. Are you so blind with hate you can look in the face of a child and say I hate you because your Black or jewish, or not like you. Cause thats what your doing. And you don't see why I want to kick your ass! I may not have the best GRAMMAR, That did not seem so needed when I was a Marine getting shot at.
    So only the elite white **** heads like you should run the world? We poor little people should just bleed so white Nazies like you aaaa forget it it's hopeless just go die! Adolf is waiting for you.
    People reading this should understand I get mad at stuff like "send them back to Africa and elitist bull ****.
    The only thing needed for evil men to win is for good men to do nothing. And woodcock your evil! no matter what way you try to coat it your prejudice. Your a sick old man.
    We need to stand together or ******** like this will hang us apart.
    Together we are mighty. a man alone is easy prey.
    Goodby woodcock I hope to meet you someday.
    It is alway good to see cockroaches run in the light.

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    Who cares she was not elected to anything? I did not vote against Barrack Obama ,because, he is black, half whatever, foreign born, or a church going sissy. Why did he win, any major party candidate could have won other than a GOP one after the G "duhW" debacle, too bad we havent made a third major party. I voted against him because he was not quite ready to take on a party polar legislature and fix the mess. This round the GOP will offer us the choices of whack job number one, or whack job number two, and they will likely push Ron Paul until endorsement at the end of the campiagn. to the side, though he makes more sense than most of them. I will likely still be voting for Bob Barr as the best man for even keeled and working class centered governance. Ross Perot looks better than he used to look.
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  9. White tiger, I judge an individual by character not by color or race or nationally. You are mistaken if you think any different as you had claimed. You are taking this forum way to personally, chill out an don't take what you read personally.

    The animosity will never end unless we stop this hyphenated titles the the Democrats start with your buddy race pimp Jessie Jackson. I refuse to hyphenate anybody, we are ALL AMERICANS FIRST and all hyphens should be remove. But, the politicians love morons like you, you empower them to redistribute and STEAL tax dollars. Do some critical thinking, take a grammar class and come back and tell us what you have learned.
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

  10. Woodcock! You lie. Now your trying to hide what you said You talk about jessie jackson and al sharpton and said send Mrs Obama back to africa. Well guess what BIGOT! You are judging people by the color of their skins what do jackson and sharpton have to do with you sending Mrs Obama back to Africa. just read your statment it's here. you can try to hide it but your prejudice and you have tryed the old sad game of OH SHARPTON OH Jackson. OH YOU!! dude he is of little political importance He has no input in the whitehouse just in your sick mind. little Nazie we see what your said and understand your a bigot! you can say what you want I can too.
    You don't like it but too bad You never earned that right others have fought for you. We fought that fight the Vets, Black, white, brown, red, yellow and of all faiths. Americans. you can spew forth your garbage of hate but I can post here too and tell everyone your a bigoted elitis, jerk. And I will. We can make this post ten years old and every day I will call you what you are. Bigot! You can muster you kkk friends and I will be here fighting you. you attack women, blacks and you use words out of content and bring up people who are known to be dummys to say see all blacks are bad. (Sharpton) what about Mr King? you want to say something about him, he wanted to have freedom and justice for all. Remember blacks had to ride in the back of the bus and could not eat where white ate. you want to go back to that. that was not the good old days ass hole.
    Cause if leaders can do that to them they can do it to others. to you only the rich or super smart can complain. guess what most of us who die and are dying in the war did not go to college. we should be your slaves. We bled for this country what have you done????? Bigot!! Mrs Obama is a American. You Nazie pig.
    We should send you somewhere but Nazie germany is no longer there and the german people don't want you. you can't fly the swasticker there so woodhead there is no place for you in the modern world.
    How you say your smart and know so little about America. send you back to school But what school would want you. I can get every vet to say your wrong about saying send her back. cause this post is not about voting for pres or goverment to me. You said dummy shitX about sending a black american back to Africa, and took a school paper from years ago and attacked a wife of a man who can't say anything back to you. Yea your real brave. Bigot! You know I bet you have a very little ****! do women laught at you! is this the way you get off cause your still a virgin! did your hand get mad at you and is not talking to you. Well say your sorry and I am sure you can work it out. Poor little Nazie. What do you think would happen to you if you go on a satge and said Send her back to Africa in front of the world. you can't so you hide and spew your garbage here. and hope noone will say shut up Bigot! Guess What Bigot shut up!
    waiting for the next rant! You cockroaches can hide in the dark and say Bigoted words but in the light of day you run and hide.

  11. Sorry you are so angry. I guess Obama left you out of the taxpayer care package for you, oh well, I guess I would be upset to if I were left out of receiving and hand out as a moocher. I am concerned about your anger. I would like to suggest some helpful measures for you.
    1. Go to grammar school.
    2. Go to AA.
    3. Turn in all your weapons you seam to be unstable.
    4. Ask God for strength and wisdom to help you thru your sickness

    Good luck and Bless you!
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

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