Wea are doomed in the new Nanny State!
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Thread: Wea are doomed in the new Nanny State!

  1. Wea are doomed in the new Nanny State!

    Ridiculous News Item of the Week:

    New Jersey Toy-Gun Buy Back
    August 22, 2011

    (GunReports.com) — A New Jersey anti-violence group tried to buy up children's toy guns to reduce Newark's record setting summer shootings.

    Newark-based group Stop Shootin' Inc. held a toy gun exchange program this week. They asked children to bring in their toy guns, water pistols or cap guns and exchange them for a positive toy or a book.

    Newark City Councilman Ras Baraka says more children and teenagers die each year from gunfire than from cancer, the flu, HIV/AIDS or other causes combined.

    He did not comment on how many children died from being shot with toy guns.

    Yeap . . . You read that correctly . . . . .
    Article: http://www.gunreports.com/news/news/...992a:&st=email

    Additional articles just in case you don't really believe the first one:
    - NJ.com


    - NJ.com

    And this may explain part of this insanity


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    ***** loser.

  4. Just found this!

    Stupidty is destroying us

    Who gave this jerk a badge?


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    I guess trying to "buy back" the "kid Gangstas'" REAL guns wouldn't have worked to any great extent.

    SOOOOOOO..... having NOTHING else to do, they buy back toy guns. I'm SURE that will make a dent in the murder rate.

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
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    What a waste of money.

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    Don't you guys know that violence has nothing to do with parenting and good moral character??? It's got everything to do with toy guns!!!!!

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