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Thread: Federal Court Rules on Recording Cops

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    Our overlords gave us permission. If they had said "no", none of us would have been surprised. Power is from the top, never with the people. :(
    Power resides with those who can seize and hold it. However, they did not give us permission, they merely obeyed the law-for once.

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    It was a good ruling. But, from the other side of the coin, the Cops fear that most of the "recording" done is by bystanders with an attitude of "Would you LOOK at that! Police brutality!" THEN they start recording.

    Kind of like how the NFL player that throws the "second" (defensive/retaliatory) punch is the one that gets penalized.

    The "bystanders" don't record a "good bust", just the ones that fit their definition of "evil cops at work". Properly edited for effect to boot.

    So, while I can't fault the Court in it's decision, I can also see things from the LEO POV.

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    Gunny, the solution in those cases is for the PD to immediately release their video, rather than hiding behind "We're reviewing all available video of the incident."

    Even better, be proactive and release video of every arrest, or any questionable incident, or every use-of-force incident. Disk storage is pretty darn cheap these says.

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