NASCAR drivers dis the White House?
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Thread: NASCAR drivers dis the White House?

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    Angry NASCAR drivers dis the White House?

    It was bound to happen. The flood gates have opened spewing the standard party lines. Now it seems the NASCAR drives who turned down the invite to the White House are some how disrespecting President Obama and the drivers are being accused by the media of being "political" about their decision to not attend the Jimmy Johnson tribute.

    Can someone explain to me how accepting the invite is not political?
    Can someone explain to me how NOT accepting the invite is political?
    Can someone explain to me how White House inviting NASCAR drivers to White House for ANY reason is not political?

    Every move the White House makes is a political calculation and every benefit is squeezed out of every opportunity.

    Why was there not this much fury over this same situation when some of the drivers turned down the White House invitation when Bush was in office?

    The impression I got from the articles weren't overt but I think they all stopped just shy of trying to make the declination of the invite into a racial issue between a predominately southern white dominated sport and a black president.

    All of the drivers turning down the invite had pressing matters that had been arranged months earlier. Is it the arrogance of this president that has him believing everyone will just drop whatever they are doing and run to the White House when he calls? Or is it the media blowing this whole issue out of proportion just to create another wounded duck moment for the White House?

    Personally, from what I read, it seems the articles were all written by the same people that would forgo attending their own mothers funeral for a photo oportunity with Obama at the White House.

    What say you?

  3. Totally support the decision of the NASCAR drivers in their decision.
    Hmm, arrogance does indeed reek in the White House this days! Wonder if the pres. has ever looked at a typical NASCAR drivers calendar/schedule. It is tighter than his in many instances. So yes, if the invite was not put on the book 8, 10 , 12 months ahead of time, there is no way they can drop their duties with testing, sponsors, and other endorsements, just to please No-bama!

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    BHO wouldn't know a NASCAR from a Matchbox car! And YES it is Political, BHO is trying to nose up to the NASCAR crowd to try and get voters in 2012. You would have to be a fool not to see that. Do you think that if this were 2008 that he would have given a rats a// about Johnson or any other driver for that matter. That is unless he was trying to find a neww tax revenue by taxing them for causing pollution at the track. Or saying they are racist because there are not enough blacks in the sport. He wouldn't know Jeff Gordon if he fell on him. It seems that the drivers are smart enough to not be his little pawn vote getters

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    NASCAR is an apolitical organization. Trying to politicize their refusal to go to the White House is just another desparate move by the administration and liberal media to show a bias where there is none. Cheap tricks by the left keep coming and will only get worse in the next year.

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    yeah, all you got left is NASCAR and hockey. you have to draw the line somewhere, or in 20 years you'll all have to become Canadian Curing fans just to maintain some dignity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    yeah, all you got left is NASCAR and hockey. you have to draw the line somewhere, or in 20 years you'll all have to become Canadian Curing fans just to maintain some dignity.
    I assume you mean Canadian Curling fans.

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    Now I suppose the main stream media will start calling them racist. I know I would not go if invited and it would be purely political. I don't support Obama or his policies.
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    I support their decision. Period. I can say something else but I will stop right here.
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    The white house faced similar allegations themselves just weeks ago...

    VFW Accuses White House Of Snubbing Annual Convention |
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    BHO doesn't know NASCAR from Madagascar. I support all of these drivers in their decisions, whether it's the decision to go to the White House or their decision NOT to go to the White House.
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