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Actually, it seems to be whomever can garner the most support, especially from the "tougher" states. I can't see Barack Obama really giving a crap WHO his VP is as long as he can help HIM get elected/re-elected. As I recall, JFK couldn't stand Johnson. Harry Truman was never even brought in on the "bomb," and brought on board by FDR to replace Henry Wallace whom he felt was too liberal. Nixon and Eisenhower were never very close, either. These are just a couple of examples that I remember. I think the biggest factor is who can "even out" the ticket and bring in the most votes.
I agree that the only thing a vp is picked for is to get votes. We have a piss poor system for electing our leaders but the alternative is not good. It is "we the people" that needs to find out more about the candidates than just listening to what they are saying.
Obama said he was going to change America and people thought he meant for the better. He is doing exactly what he said he was going to do and the people are surprised.