This is pathetic....
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Thread: This is pathetic....

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    This is pathetic....

    I know someone will chime in here and defend this incredible waste of money by pointing out other presidents expenditures. HOWEVER we weren't as BROKE as we are now...Makes me sick, at least call it what it is CAMPAINING...and spend some of your money!!!

    Can you imagine what it costs to fly these (made in Canada) buses to their next destination???

    Secret Service Buys Two New $1.1 Million Buses For Three-Day Trip…

    US President Barack Obama (C) walks to his bus as he arrives in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Minnesota, August 15, 2011, where he is to begin his three-day bus tour in the Midwest centering on ways to grow the economy. (AFP PHOTO/Jim WATSON)

    He FLYS into an airport somewhere in the midwest, hops into a brand new 1.1 Million $ bus, paid for by you and me, for a “bus tour” ‘around the midwest’, and after an hour or so, gets driven back to the airport for ANOTHER FLIGHT, lands at another airport where another 1.1 Million $ brand new black bus is waiting for him… and repeats all that until his midwest bus‘tour’ is done?? Oh yes......and THEN he leaves on a 12 day vacation to Martha's REST UP from this campaign bus tour!

    And don't forget........those brand new shiny black buses aren’t DRIVEN to the location where they meet Obama. Those buses are loaded up on one or more C-17s. Then, they are flown to the destination ahead of AirForce-1.


    On this 'bus tour', the Prez will lecture the 'little people' on how they need to live within their means and cut-back! Remember when very recently Obama told that family man to GO BUY A HYBRID VAN when he said he couldn’t afford to fill up his truck????

    Obama's 'carbon footprint' must be as large as most cities by now.

    All of this on the taxpayer's dime.....But remember, this is NOT a campaign trip - it is "Meet with the people" trip only! So that the DNC does NOT pay a cent for all of this.

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    All Hussein Obama knows how to do is campaign. He sure does not know how to lead.

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    Titaniumman, you should've continued your rant just a little further! You see, Barack flew to Martha's Vineyard all by himself because he couldn't be bothered to wait ONE HOUR for Michelle and the kids. The plane returned for them and then flew them to meet Daddy and on a plane that costs taxpayers ~$17,000/hr to fly. But the story isn't over...apparently his little cherubs weren't happy on vacation without their favorite pooches, so being the great Dad he is, he chartered a flight for their TWO DOGS to fly out to Martha's Vineyard. Aren't we lucky to have such a socially responsible President???

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    didnt even have the decency to contract the job of building the bus to U.S. workers.

  6. This is why I don't watch any type of news, it just makes me angry. Meanwhile ill still argue politics and some moron will say "how do you know all this if you don't watch the news or read up on anything" and the truth is this, the less you let the social media stacks their garbage into your brains, the more you can read between the lines of all the lies they tell us day in and day out.

    Patriotism? No thanks.

  7. Actually it's not all true. The buses weren't flown to each location.
    Each location was between 20 and 70 miles apart so flying them that distance it not true.
    The whole route was around 500 miles from end to end which was about 8.5 hours of driving(at 60mph), plus the time stopped at each location.
    The stops were;
    Cannon Falls, Zumbrota, Chatfield and Harmony, MN;
    Decorah, Guttenberg, Peosta, Maquoketa and Le Claire, IA;
    and Morrison, Atkinson, Galesburg, Alpha and Peoria, IL.
    I plotted them into Google maps and got this.

    Cannon Falls, MN to Peoria, IL - Google Maps

    Still, he (I should say we) bought two $1.1million buses, plus the gas to power them, to travel 500 miles when he could have done the same with the motorcade he already had at his disposal and used less gas.

    Also they ordered the buses in July of last year so he started planning his new campaign less than 1.5 years into his term.

    He wasn't wasting anytime was he. I wish he would put that kind of energy into fixing the economy.
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    I read somewhere that Michelle and the kids followed in another plane similar, not the Air Force 1. Many people who knows no better who voted for them are now sorry. But it was too late when they found out what this family is really like. Let's hope it is not too late to vote him out...<keeping my fingers crossed.>
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    All you guys gotta live in the same trailer park!!!!

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    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, but rules (or common sense apparently, with our deficit) don't apply to the annointed one. Or the Congressional Elite! I hope he continues to give himself more rope!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker's Mom View Post
    I read somewhere that Michelle and the kids followed in another plane similar, not the Air Force 1. Many people who knows no better who voted for them are now sorry. But it was too late when they found out what this family is really like. Let's hope it is not too late to vote him out...<keeping my fingers crossed.>
    I was under the impression that Michelle and the kids did travel in the 747 that is typically used as Air Force One for the Prez, but the dogs had a different chartered plane. However, no matter how you slice it, three flights for one family to go to the same place on the taxpayer nickel is unconscionable.
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