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Thread: Gave a Gun Owners Caucus talk at my county Democratic Party meeting tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hurtley View Post
    heh. If you're ever up here, let me know, I'll happily take you to a range.
    Not that I expect to be up that way anytime soon, but does that invite extend to me as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TekGreg View Post

    When I lived on the West Coast, even though I am not a Democrat, I would've committed to driving up to help you out because I believe in what you are doing. If we as shooters, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, can help to bridge the gap and bring more people out of the dark and show them the truth about guns and shooting, we should be able to do so in an apolitical way and educate others as to the media untruths about us and our sport. Just one range day to demonstrate safe shooting and show these people that we are normal without threatening their political views would be well worth the drive!

    I wish you luck and I hope you will keep us posted as to your success. It sounds like you are up against some hefty odds, but the way you are going, I think you will definitely experience some success! Keep up the good work!
    That's one of the goals of the Pinkpistols, showing the truth about guns to the gay and lesbian portion of the population.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooCalm View Post
    Is the Democratic party doing an about face on their gun rights position? If so they have one huge stereotype to overcome. That would be their past anti gun legislation.
    I would welcome the change, but first I'll have to see it before I believe it.
    Not all Democrats have been or are now anti-gun.

    Here's one Harold Volkmer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And a more current one Heath Shuler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also keep in mind that North Carolina, that great big bastion of Yankie Liberalism has had a Democratic Governor for the past few terms.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Not that I expect to be up that way anytime soon, but dooes that invite extend to me as well?
    To anyone on here that finds themselves in Portland and wants to go to a range; and is willing to have a civil time of it. I don't mind civil political debates; but when people write you off solely because of a chosen party affiliation...

    Note: In my life, I have been registered Democrat, Republican, and not-affiliated. I have found that to have greatest impact, though, I have to pick one of the big two. And as the Republican party of late has become the party of exclusion, whereas the Democratic party has been one of inclusion, I chose D. If I tried to get anywhere in the Republican party with my social beliefs (pro-gay marriage, pro choice, pro physician assisted suicide, and at least a willingness to consider universal healthcare, a lá Massachusetts success and Oregon's withdrawn attempt,) I'd be decried instantly as a "RINO", and essentially chased out. At least in the Democratic party, there are people willing to accept my leanings on things like guns, not-sycophantic-devotion to unions, etc. The party whose platform I fall closest with is probably the Libertarian party, but even that party seems to have gone a little off-platform recently. The combination of not sticking to their core beliefs combined with their complete lack of influence makes it pointless to try to do anything with them. (Same goes for Green and other marginalized third parties.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by the dark View Post
    OK....who let their demented grandpa out of the attic and on the computer?
    I was set free to try and undo the commie brainwashing you and Ed suffer from.
    NRA Life Member, SCOPE,SAF Join up!

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    If you cannot discuss things without flaming each other I'll have to start banning some people.

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