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    2nd amendment book

    I would like to recommend a book on the 2nd Amendment. It is by David Barton of the group Wallbuilders. The title is The 2nd Amendment. (What else) It contains a lot of good info and quotes of our founding fathers. They also have a lot of other good books on the constitution, I have included the web site for those that would like to check it out.

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    Thank's HK, I'll be sure to get the book..........
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    Can we all go in together and get about 100 of these and send them to our current politicians?

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    Let me know where to send my donation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDavidM View Post
    Can we all go in together and get about 100 of these and send them to our current politicians?
    OK, do the math:

    100 for Senate, 435 for House, one each for the Dem and Rep nominee after the conventions--not an impossible number.

    The hard part would be getting them to read it. I'd pay money for a picture of Ted Kennedy, Hillary, Barack, McCain, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, (put your own choice here) ACTUALLY reading it!:huh:
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