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    Leave your state!

    I've been working for a long time on a plan to get out of the Great Socialist State of California, and move back to America. If I can find a place where it still exists, that is. But its got me thinking. Why don't more people do the same? The power is in our hands to effect huge change simply by leaving one population and becoming part of another. But despite how bad things get in some places, especially as it pertains to 2A rights, it never seems to be enough to tip the scales. So here's my question:

    What would it take for you to leave your state? What would be the last straw?

  3. I could never move to California. 2 reasons, first because its waaaaay to expensive, secondly, all your retarded laws on just about everything, but most importantly guns. I live in Oregon and love the laws here. Although we have to go through the process to acquire our ccw, its shall issue

  4. If my state (Ohio) banned open carry, banned concealed carry, or put in a capacity restriction I would move. Those 3 are my lynchpins.

  5. I live in Ca, it's truly spirit crushing. The combination of traffic and almost no 2A rights really is getting on my nerves. My wife and I have made the decision to move to North Carolina next spring and begin living like Americans. It's sad that I had to get a CCW from another state for when I ride my motorcycle around the country. I'm really impressed with where I can carry with my Az non-resident permit (every state along the 40 except Ca, and quite a few more). Let the exodus begin.

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    Living in NH and Vermont, I would only choose to leave and move to Alaska. It's cold gun rights are huge in AK and it's one of the last frontiers left in America.


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    I live in VT, the best state to live in if you are a gun owner. I wouldn't leave except for a few reasons, One being the economy. It sucks right now, but not enough to move. Two: my wife getting accepted into her USANG masters program and we have to move to San Antonio, TX. It is difficult to think about leaving again. But if i had too, AK, AZ, NC, TX, SC would be my choice's.

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    I live in New York, Which is just as bad as California. Gun laws here are very Strict. Even if some Scumbag broke into my home I must try to retreat. I hate it here. But my wife is 15 years into a 20 year job with a pension.So, we are stuck for another 5 years. Then we are out of here.

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    Man, I'm in the same boat. 16 years into my career, and 20 needed to retire with full medical. We would need to have one hell of a plan to jump ship now, but believe me we are looking. My only concern is that California's economy (and individual rights) are circling the drain as we speak. There is no going back. It's all going to have to come out the bottom before it can get better. Especially with Gov. Brown trying to spend us out of a recession. How much longer can I afford to wait? How much longer will this retirement I'm working so hard towards be worth anything?

    "Spirit-crushing," is the perfect description.

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    I already live in the second-best state in the union, and next door to the very best. So I'm pretty OK with that. Though some more career opportunities sure would be nice.

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    I done did it. I moved out of the greatless state of Illinois. It took 38 years, stomp on my 2nd Amendment Rights, and $4,000.00 / year property taxes on a piece of ****** house. You think CA has problems, try IL. Happy camper now in TN.

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