MA revoking AZ-issued drivers licenses. CHL Reciprocity similarities?
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Thread: MA revoking AZ-issued drivers licenses. CHL Reciprocity similarities?

  1. MA revoking AZ-issued drivers licenses. CHL Reciprocity similarities?

    Mass. Suspends 100s of Ariz. Driver's Licenses

    Yup, Massachusetts is revoking the drivers licenses of legal immigrants who first got licenses in Arizona, then changed them to MA licenses. They claim that the AZ licenses were given out without enough training.

    I see a lot of similarities to claims about CHL reciprocity. I wonder if we'll see some of the anti-gun, anti-CHL-reciprocity politicians claiming that what MA is doing is bad, because the Federal government says drivers licenses are valid in all states? If so, easy "hypocrite" pointer to catch them on, and hopefully get them to reverse their CHL reciprocity stance. I don't have a Representative at the moment, and three of the remaining four from my state are co-sponsors (the last hasn't taken an official position,) so nobody for me to scold. We'll see when it hits the Senate, though.

    (I also wonder if any on the right that support CHL reciprocity at the Federal level will say that this is RIGHT of MA, and that it's MA's right to decide....)

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    Cars are much more deadly than handguns yet every state recognizes every other states' driver license. Except apparently for the example you site above.
    A man's life, liberty, and property are only safe when the legislature is NOT in session. Will Rogers

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    Poorly worded headline. They are not suspending AZ licenses...they are suspending MA licenses that were issued on a person already having an AZ license.

    Either way it's carp.

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    Huh? I am from another country, everybody elsewhere knows American Driving Exams require no skills or training whatsorever to begin with! That move makes no sense, seriously.

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