Portrait of a dispicable human being.
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Thread: Portrait of a dispicable human being.

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    Portrait of a dispicable human being.

    A human just cannot get much more worthless than this clown. Liberalism personified.

    Lawsuit anyone?

    Explosive Email Shows Anti-Palin Author McGinniss, Random House Likely Published Literary Hoax (Updated)
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    It would seem, because of his unethical journalism, no reputable publishing firm would even consider publishing any of his work. As for a lawsuit, Sarah Palin should sue and, with the judgement she receives, buy her neighbor's house and send him packing.
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    Since when are facts important to liberals. Much more important to get the message out,"hate Palin". This women is a threat to the liberal cause. If she wasn't a threat, she wouldn't get much press.
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    I agree with fuhr52. Palin is a threat to libs. Smart, and experienced in running a state which is a lot more "real" experience than ObaMao ever had. All that and easy on the eyes to!
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