NRA & Obama Gun Agenda
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Thread: NRA & Obama Gun Agenda

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    NRA & Obama Gun Agenda

    NRA & Obamas gun agenda.
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    Need to recheck the linkage...

    But here, try this one:
    1)"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson.
    2)"Imagine how gun control might be stomped if GOA or SAF had the (compromising) NRA's 4 million members!" -Me.

  4. And that's why I can't stand the NRA. They're just a wing of the Republican party now. President Obama hasn't done anything to infringe on the rights of gun owners. Specifically because, even if he wants to do something deep down, he knows he will lose political support.

    The NRA supports unproven Republicans over proven pro-gun-rights Democrats. This video just shows how out-of-touch he is. "Conspiracy to get re-elected"? "They concocted a scheme to stay away from the gun issue"? One could say that ANYONE running for re-election is "conspiring" to do so. Of course he's staying away from "the gun issue", because he knows it won't fly!

    There are plenty of Democrats, including hard-core self-professed "liberals", who are pro gun rights. Gun control on a national level is dead. It will only pass if the Republican party pushes it forward. (See the Brady Bill.)

    If the NRA were truly neutral politically, and only concerned itself with gun rights, and the actual facts of what politicians do, not conspiracy theories on what they might do, I could support them.

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