Global Warming real or not?
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Thread: Global Warming real or not?

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    Global Warming real or not?

    What do you think?

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    It has to be real. Al Gore, the inventor of the Internet, said so.

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  5. The past few years I've noticed longer winters which in turn forces later, hotter summers. I'm not a scientist so I can't put a label on it, but its changing nonetheless

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    It's changing all the time, actually. And it has always been changing.

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    Global warming, YES, initiated by man NO. The Earth is in a cycle of warming and cooling dependant on the the suns activity. Anything else is posturing by fanatics. Especially ones that are looking for financial remuneration. Got Carbon Credits???
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    The earth's climate has been heating and cooling since the planet appeared. It will continue to evolve, cool and heat up until the sun stops burning. Only an arrogant human would think that we and/or our activity, could have a significant effect on the earth's climate. All of Gore's rant is based on computer modeling, information input by humans, and theory, best guess. That being said, can human activity cause areas to be uninhabitable? Absolutely, but that is two different issues. Just my opinion.
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    Before one can come to a conclusion, it helps to have a better working definition of the problem other than the vague and ambiguous "Global Warming." It's kind of like getting a democrat to specifically state what percentage of one's income is their "Fair share" to pay. Human life does effect the planet, but it has been said that sun spots also effect climate change. However, I have found that "Global Warming" is more of a religion than a science and it serves more as a political means to an end.

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    Yes it's happening, can we do anything about it? No! It's a reoccurring cycle the earth goes through. Hey if you want to be noticed by people thinking your smart and all just take something from history that you know is a cycle and tell everyone you know what's going to happen.

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    I have yet to see some double-blind research that was run over the course of say the last thousand years or so and is NOT relying on computer simulations, in other words actual hard DATA and not theories on the matter. Nobody has that? Right, that's what we scientists call a THEORY. Stop treating it like it's a fact that you can actually prove.

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