Will Chris Christie Muddy the GOP Waters?
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Thread: Will Chris Christie Muddy the GOP Waters?

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    Will Chris Christie Muddy the GOP Waters?

    Much speculation has been reported on whether NJ governor Chris Christie will enter the presidential race. Although he claims he will not, sources say he has put together a campaign committee.

    How many republicans know his stance on immigration and gun control? As many know, NJ has very restrictive gun laws. A state resident may own a hangun, provided s/he has been issued a FOID card, but virtually no one can get a CCW permit. And getting the FOID card sometimes requires a note from a physician or even a psychiatrist. NJ does not allow reciprocity with any other state. Hollowpoints are a no-no. Property taxes border on the absurd, stripping residents of their future and retirement.

    Christie has now stated that he supports a complete ban on assault weapons (whatever that might be defined as). Living near the NJ border we have many friends that live in the "parking lot" state. Very few are happy with the governor.

    How do you think conservatives, republicans and independents will respectively respond to his bid for president? Will he cause more upheaval by attacking the current candidates?

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    From what I just read in your post....NJ can have him! Living in NY, it is already difficult enough for me to "Keep and Bear Arms". I like the Idea that I am the first line of defense for my family. I live in a small town without it's own police force. We are patroled by County Sheriffs. I Have lived here 10 years and only saw a patrol on my street a handfull of times.
    I have lived my life on the right side of the law...and therefor feel that it is my god given right to be able to defend myself and my family with a firearm, especially since I am disabled, and not able to do so physically...(several back surgeries). The gubmnt has enough on its plate, they don't need to worry about my firearms. Living thru these past years was hard enough, I was hoping the environment would be a little more friendly in the future! :(

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    I hope he is not running...My husband and I think he is just teasing...let us hope this is true. He is suppose to give his decision within 72 hours.
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    He said NO tonight on national news.
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