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Thread: Should a convicted felon be allowed to carry firearm

  1. Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall View Post
    Wow. You get punished and the whole country is going to hell in a handbasket, and anyone who dares not agree with you 100% is a "Benedict Arnold". Sounds like you might need to dial down your hyper-inflated sense of self importance.

    If you really had a problem with Chicago's laws prior to your arrest, you'd have done what many here have said - not set foot in the place and certainly not spend any money there.

    Walking around the streets of Chicago at night, illegally carrying guns and with $2k cash in your pocket. Are you sure cheap gold chains were the only thing you were looking to buy??? No debit card on you?? Or did you know that the "vendor" you were looking for wouldn't take Visa/MC?? What part of your sob story are you conveniently leaving out??? Ask 20 people with criminal records what their "story" is and you'll be lucky if you get 1 accurate rendition of what really happened.

    It's always the loser who wants to change the rules after the game is over. Best of luck with your crusade.
    Keep on believing that if it makes you feel better.

    I'm no victim. I have my CCW. I comes from my creator instead of my state. For the past 20 years I've exercised my right and no one has been the wiser. Why? Because I'm not a criminal. I'm simply a citizen of this country and a higher country with laws I keep in my heart that KEEP me from committing any crimes that hurt others.

    I broke a law that is illegal in it's premise. If Chicago passed a law saying I'm only allowed to pray at a Mosque, I supposed I'd have to break that one too.

    Some of you may not know this, but the bill of rights almost didn't see the light of day. Not because their was discussion about whether to "give" us those rights, but because they believed those rights CAME FROM GOD and any mention of them at ALL would do nothing but cause future nitpicking at those rights based on wording.

    Our constitution gives us no rights. It only LIMITS the rights of the federal government. It did nothing limiting rights of the states. It wasn't until the 14th amendment that we saw the federal government (overstepping it's bounds) and forcing the states to follow it's lead on rights. I don't agree with that either, but it is an amendment that we can use to argue our rights today if legal arguments are your method of choice.

    I came across this forum because my wife asked me about looking into felon's rights because of a large national contract we procured that required me to remove my name from the list of employees allowed in the buiding. I employ guys who cheat on their wives, steal anthing that's not tied down, or are drunk every minute they are off work. We get a 50 state contract and I can't go on the jobsites but they can. To be honest, I couldn't care less. I don't need to be on the jobsites. I make money whether I'm there or not. Everyone involved knows my situation and no one cares. It was over 20 years ago. My wife asked me to look into it so I did.

    I found you guys talking about "felons". The discussion that was missing was the sizable percentage of people who are convicted or coerced into plea bargaining into what eventually becomes an offense that strips them of their rights. (One of my contractors got in a fight at age 15 with his brother. Somehow he can't pass a background check now all the sudden because of Domestic Violence????? This man is in his 40's and has many guns. All the sudden he can't pass a check for something he did as a minor??????? He tried a written appeal and they told him to turn in ALL his guns he's had for years!!!

    Now it was just reported a few weeks ago that "medical" marijuana card holders are going to be denied. How soon before they deny you for your prozac that keeps you in the submissive stupor that makes you believe that we should refrain from going to Chicago at night if that's where we, as free citizens want to go?

    "Lawbreakers" shouldn't be allowed to own weapons...That's a troublesome blanket statement.... What are you going to do when they bring it down to anyone who has ever broken ANY law, traffic, misdemeanors, etc are prohibited? How is that anymore sensible than prohibiting someone who committed a crime 10 years ago and learned their lesson? Even insurance companies remove car accidents off your record after three years.

    I have a feeling that when your day of confiscation comes you will cowardly turn in your guns just like they did in Great Britain and will mumble about how the laws need to be changed. Meanwhile I will be here to silently protect you in that convenience store you work at when you are being robbed and prepped for an execution in the back room.

    It's time to wake up and work on arming the country to protect itself from tyranny.

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    "Accidental felon". Isn't that like "accidental discharge" other words, an accident only in the mind of the discharger. Negligence to everyone else.
    (Insert random tough-guy quote here)
    "See my gun?? Aren't you impressed?" - Anonymous sheepdog
    The hardware is the same, but the software is vastly different.

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    I am torn on this, several different ways. I'd like to consider myself a constitutional conservative, but here are my problems:

    -If a felon is going to lose their right to bear arms and their right to vote, shouldn't they lose all of their rights like freedom of speech and religion, too?

    -I think that nonviolent felons shouldn't be treated the same as the violent ones when it comes to losing their rights. We need to look at a list of all nonviolent felonies and I think we could change many of them to misdemeanors.

    Once again, I consider myself a constitutional conservative, so a right is not a privilege. I also believe this government would like to make felons out of all of us, that way, non of us could have guns.

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    A felon that continues to break the law. Who would have known.

    I wonder if anyone here believes your story that you are "fighting for our rights". This is all about you and your pity party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accidentalfelon View Post
    I went to Chicago because I could. I went there because I am free as a citizen of this country to travel. I am free to protect myself. I am free from illegal searches and seizures.
    If it were up to me you would get your guns back. A man's good nature doesn't change just because he crossed a state line.

    Unfortunately, the meaning of the second amendment, like all law, is based in interpretation. The U.S. Supreme Court has determined that the right to bear arms is an individual one but is open to regulation as are many other rights. The rulings (Heller / McDonald) indicate that regulations can be placed on gun owners as long as the restrictive nature of the law does not bar the use of the firearm entirely. This was evident even in the past where few laws actually existed. It was very common in the post civil war era for restrictions to be placed on the carry of a firearm within city limits. Those who violated the law were subject to a "subdural hematoma of the brain" when the local sheriff cracked them over the head with his gun but.

    The definition of the second amendment, as any law, is not our view but the interpretation as put forth by the high court. This is why I always thought the Heller and McDonald cases were hollow victories. Cities like NYC can get away with disallowing carry because anyone with a clean criminal/psychiatric record can get a permit to purchase and own a handgun in NYC, so their rights aren't being violated according to the high court. It took an act of God and a small fortune to recently get a carry permit in that crazy city.

  7. I sure will be glad to graduate from this life and move on to a land where none of us need weapons to protect ourselves from evil.

    It's a shame we even have to think about things like this. I didn't realize how peaceful it was to live in a world with a wife that would die before she would lie or cheat until I married her. I can only imagine how peaceful it will be to live in a land where we don't have to worry about evil people taking our belongings or our lives.

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    I feel your pain here. I too was convicted of a felony when I was 17. I bought a radar detector from a friend that was stolen. The funny thing is he broke into a car with another guy and stole it. That was a misdemeanor. Me buying it was a felony. I successfully petitioned for a pardon and got it. I was 22 when I got it. Because I didn't turn them in ( and the pd named them and knew they were the ones who stole it) the main guy went on to become a deputy sheriff and has since gone out on a false disability. He also got in a bar fight while drunk, got his ass kicked and his gun fell out of his pocket during this fight. He still didn't get arrested nor was he punished. Just threw that in there. the second was arrested for stealing a car ...twice.. got off, dui got off and about two full pages of arrests. He currently lives in nh and has top secret security clearance in the military he also just left due to illness and is trying to be a secret service agent. I Not that these really matter, just throwing them in there. Anyway I messed up at 16, was charged as an adult because my court date was after my seventeenth birthday and fought to regain my rights. I learned my lesson and was lucky enough to get my rights reinstated. I have to say this however....some of you are pretty hard on this guy. Yes he screwed up, up he knew the crime he was committing was a misdemeanor not a felony.A couple of ( if his story is accurate) crooked cops nailed him for armed robbery. A much nicer collar. you say you have never committed any felonies or broken any laws. If I am not mistaken it is a federal crime to have a firearm within 1000 feet of school property. That in itself would suggest that unless you never carry a gun then you just as everyone else that cadets has indeed broken the law. Actually committed a federal firearms offense. Just saying. On a lighter should be able to petition the court to restore your rights. I just read some interesting stuff on this. Send me your email and I will try to forward it to you. Ok, let the bashing begin. I'm ready and have thick skin. After all I Am a former felon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeebea:243608
    If I am not mistaken it is a federal crime to have a firearm within 1000 feet of school property. That in itself would suggest that unless you never carry a gun then you just as everyone else that cadets has indeed broken the law..
    You are wrong. If you are going to carry a firearm, which I assume is why you are here, you should understand the implications if doing so.

    Please take a few minutes and read the information that is readily available on this forum regarding the federal law you are referring to.

  10. Warbirds, is it a safe assumption that you've never broken any laws?

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    Quote Originally Posted by accidentalfelon:243760
    Warbirds, is it a safe assumption that you've never broken any laws? Anything I could be arrested for that could domino until it became a felony... No. Anything I could be arrested for..... No.

    I did get a trespass warning 7 years ago because I didn't know the landowner no longer allowed people to use that land for target practice. (We said thank you officer and left). And I got my last speeding ticket 20 years ago.

    So if you are looking to try to say everyone could be in your shoes, sorry. If you are looking for an example that you can live a good life and follow the law... Good to meet you.

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