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Thread: Should a convicted felon be allowed to carry firearm

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1:243414
    Quote Originally Posted by accidentalfelon View Post
    I went to Chicago because I could. I went there because I am free as a citizen of this country to travel. I am free to protect myself. I am free from illegal searches and seizures.
    If it were up to me you would get your guns back. A man's good nature doesn't change just because he crossed a state line.

    Unfortunately, the meaning of the second amendment, like all law, is based in interpretation. The U.S. Supreme Court has determined that the right to bear arms is an individual one but is open to regulation as are many other rights. The rulings (Heller / McDonald) indicate that regulations can be placed on gun owners as long as the restrictive nature of the law does not bar the use of the firearm entirely. This was evident even in the past where few laws actually existed. It was very common in the post civil war era for restrictions to be placed on the carry of a firearm within city limits. Those who violated the law were subject to a "subdural hematoma of the brain" when the local sheriff cracked them over the head with his gun but.

    The definition of the second amendment, as any law, is not our view but the interpretation as put forth by the high court. This is why I always thought the Heller and McDonald cases were hollow victories. Cities like NYC can get away with disallowing carry because anyone with a clean criminal/psychiatric record can get a permit to purchase and own a handgun in NYC, so their rights aren't being violated according to the high court. It took an act of God and a small fortune to recently get a carry permit in that crazy city.
    This is something I find disturbing, I see far too many that adhere to "interpretations" of the english language. Aren't we all fluent in the english language? To say we the people need an interpretation of a sentence as concise and poignant as the 2A is an insult to our collective IQ and most certainly an insult to the IQ of the brightest among us. So does this mean you would surrender your guns if ordered by nationwide legislation to do so by the federal government, even when you know in your heart that they are wrong? Would that also be "unfortunate"?

    While civilized society dictates that we follow the rule of law, I fear there are too many that are armed, that would also be sheep, lamenting the loss of their rights instead of fighting for them if the feds ever go too far.

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    There's just no arguing with some people, they are simply 100% certain it just can't happen to them.

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    Very good discussion of this issue WRT a recent NC court ruling over at the Volokh Conspiracy.
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  5. Absolutely I support allowing felons the opportunity to carry

    Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    Would you give a firearm to the child molester that killed our little guy? He served time for our nine-year-old and upon release tried to do it again. He then served 10 years for attempting to kill two six-year-old boys. He's now free again. I've since caught him trying to setup an overnight camping trip for elementary school-age boys. An friend who is a retired FBI profiler beleives he'll kill again.

    In cases where the felony was for DUI or some other low level crime I would agree to restore their rights. Anyone who committed a violent felony or misdemeanor level person-on-person crime should not get their rights back. Make an announcement... anyone convicted of a violent crime loses their rights. Now they commit crimes with full knowledge of the consequences.
    Although I sympathize for any loss due to a firearm whether by molester or not, I have to disagree. Consider this, a convicted felon, made a mistake as a young adult, paid his dues, maybe he/she was guilty, maybe not, maybe the law was ambiguous. He is now released, put into society with less of a chance of finding adequate employment, can not vote, or defend himself. Completely turns his life around and is now the proud father. Does he not have the right to protect his children from this same perp? Sleepless nights, abiding by the law, only to the detriment of an intruder coming in and slaughtering innocent children and nobody was there to defend them? This is the situation I am in. I made mistakes, or maybe I was just caught for mine, however, after not being in trouble for years, I am now the proud father of a beautiful 9 month old daughter and to a 6 year old step daughter. I can not tell you how many sleepless nights I have had, tonight included, knowing that I am in able to protect my family if someone on meth, decided to perform a home invasion tonight. There has to be some balance to this law. I do not care what any one is charged with, we should educate felons on the laws, allow them an opportunity or an avenue to restore gun rights. I would rather know as a government where those guns were. Do you think that restricting them by law is limiting their use amongst felons? Absolutely not. If anything, it is only adding to the problem. We cant trace these guns. They are hiding it. Let them register it, educate them about the laws and proper handling of that firearm, and allow them to protect their family. Put them on gun probation, make them take classes, come up with something. I would do anything to have this right restored to me. Luckily I have a successful business and the hindering of jobs has not effected me as much as the larger percentage of inmates, but this needs to change too, our system makes absolutely no sense and is why we have the largest recidivism rate globally. When you restrict the rights, persecute them, label them as a ex-felon, then prevent them from having good paying jobs, what do you think they are going to turn to in order to feed themselves, and their family? Crime? I wonder how many of you are victims of a repeat offender who wanted badly the opportunity to amend their mistake, but the laws and the perpetual dose of doubt cast upon them fueled the very fire that allowed you to become a victim of a crime. The children do not deserve less protection because of a mistake someone made. And keep one thing in mind. I did 5 years. I can guarantee you, it was a felon giving the molester in your case the time of his life in jail. We know, we read the papers, we check on peoples cases. Gossip moves quickly through those jails. I can assure you, his time wasn't peaches and roses. Those felons were standing behind you acting on a vengeance you could not from the other side of those walls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grmerrill View Post
    Should a convicted felon that has completed prison and probation be allowed to own and carry a firearm? Should there be any conditions that would differentiate one type of felon from another when it comes to second amendment rights? I figure that people here are very knowledgeable when it comes to the right to bear arms, so what do you think?
    There are some felons even tho they have paid their debt still do not deserve to get any rights back. Child molesters comes to mind. But if you have paid your debt you should get your rights back.

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