Woman upset over no-flag policy at Olive Garden
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Thread: Woman upset over no-flag policy at Olive Garden

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    Woman upset over no-flag policy at Olive Garden

    Ok I want to see what everyone thinks about this?

    is our Country going down hill?
    Woman upset over no-flag policy at restaurant

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    Bet she doesn't spend another American dollar in that restaurant. As well as the rest of the group.

    I have not confirmed the same stance at our Olive Garden. However, it sounds like a problem them if they want to cater to the banquet crowd.

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    Not worth posting!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIL-SPEC 45 View Post
    Not worth posting!!
    splain! why not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seeya View Post
    splain! why not?
    Seeya: MIL-SPEC-45 seldom (if ever) makes a pertinent post. He loves to antagonize and is reminiscent of Detroit45ACP. Maybe he is one of the people who want to destroy this country from within and fly a different flag over the White House. Or maybe he just doesn't respect our flag like a couple I have been reading about, ".....all this over a flag?"

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    I came too late...I clicked on the link and it opened an apology page.
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    Yeah, me too. What's up? Does Olive Garden have some kind of anti-US flag policy, or is this just a case of an individual franchise manager with no national pride?

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    I think it was a Chamber of Commerce meeting and Olive Garden didn't allow the Ameican Flag to be displayed so as not to offend anyone. In my opinon if the American Flag is going to offend you, what the **** are you doing in this country.
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    The article I read said that the meeting was actually in a part of the main dining room, and that the restaurant doesn't allow any flags or banners in the main dining room. If that's the case, then I've got no problem with what they did, as long as they're consistent.

    Here's a Google search for "Olive Garden flag incident," for more information.
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