Emily Gets Her Gun
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    Emily Gets Her Gun

    So, I've been following this on my Twitter feed, and I liked the idea when she started--write a running column on how difficult it is to get a gun in D.C.

    But frankly, the more she reports, the more I think, why didn't she just spend five or ten minutes online, or on a forum like this one? She would have gotten most of the information she needed.

    Also, all those complicated steps she's complaining about can largely be completed by taking a handgun safety or concealed carry class.

    I'm not saying D.C. is on the right track, but there should be a little more common sense going on here.

    MILLER: Steps to gun ownership in D.C. - Washington Times

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    Did you just use "D.C." and "common sense" in the same paragraph? Silly (local) girl, humor is for comedians. ...Thank you, thank you, remember to tip your waitresses.

    Seriously tho, there are so many answers to so many questions out there, gun questions or otherwise, if a person would take just a moment to look. Like you said, local, this forum is a great place for gun issue answers.

    Thank you for the link, also.
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