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Thread: "Too Big to Fail" is the fault of the Average Citizen

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    Just imagine then how our Founding Fathers would feel seeing us by the millions ignoring the "gobbling up" of our freedoms, the shredding of our Bill of Rights, erosion of property rights, one little law at a time. Can't carry (bear arms) here, must pay government for permission to carry there and on and on. Infringements.

    We worry about banks, and that is a noble thing to want to protect private business, but the very framework of the freedoms that allow such endeavors is being dismantled right before our eyes.

    How many of us has done more in the past, say 7 days, than participate in forums to fight against this tyranny?
    Tuts40, that sound you hear is the constant rolling over in their graves.
    Edmund Burke: “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” – 1784 speech. Taken from Founding Fathers Notes. "The unarmed man is not just defenseless -- he is also contemptible." Machiavelli

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    I am at a loss here. The conversation started with the "Evil bankers" attacking us and ended up with the standard "Obama did it banter." The problem stated was not government generated. It may have been assisted by members of the government, all of the nefarious actions usually are, but it was all part of a corporate plan to obtain quick and high profits.

    Real financial woes are part and parcel of any free market system ( I am a free market Conservative) as there is a normal "Boom then bust" cycle involved in all large capital endeavors.

    Most posters here claim to be Conservative (I do!) so you have to realize that what happened here is a normal part of the way of life we believe in. Conservatives oppose any government regulation of Commerce and Capital investment systems. The recommendations more or less hinted at here are very Liberal and Left leaning. The whole system of Free Market is a big crap shoot. But it is the best game in town! So throw your dice and snuff it up like a big boy, S*** happens!

    BTW, any votes at the meeting would have been futile. They only hold these meetings after they have already signed off on the merger. The meeting is just to placate the little people so they don't say anything nasty to the media. Don't confuse Business with Government, and remember neither one is a democracy! I am not being a troll or sarcastic. I am being realistic and pragmatic. This is our world, learn to live in it!

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    You are correct, it is personal responsibility. That is my whole point. You mentioned everyone in your OP but the private citizens who are as much responsible for this as anyone. Not just because they don't get involved politically, but for the reasons I mentioned. I just wanted to add them.
    Like the person who was renting the home across the street from me who walked on their old home because they were "under water," and less than a year later (about 2 months ago) purchased another home. They are what is wrong with America.

    Or the entire office of people in Mesa, Az where I used to work, who are in their
    20's and purchased their first home in 06-07 and when one spouse lost a job, they could not even make their very next mortgage payment, and are now out of houses? They are what is wrong with America. But boy, they complain about how they have been done wrong (Bush, Obama, big banks, etc, depending on their political view)

    Or my ex neighbor, who got married and moved into his new wifes house (hers was bigger than his, yes, the house too) and let his go to foreclosure and mess his credit because his new wife already owned her home and he lived with her now? He is what is wrong with America.
    And these people are not unusual.
    I think, although I am not sure, we generally agree. I just want to make sure the average person, who thinks they are victims, really are not, and get the blame they deserve. They deserve as much blame, and receive less, than any other group commonly mentioned in the press. Somehow, despite all the bs laws from congress, my wife and i have had a conventional 30 yr mortage and even though I walked away from a 6 figure salary to start my own business, I kept current on my mortgage. Because I am so smart? No, because I am not a friggin irresponsible idiot. are there people who are not responsible, who faced circumstances far beyond their control? Sure. But plain old irresposible behavior and decisions caused much of the mess. And no one wants to admit it. Because "big irresponsibility" is not met with shame anymore. Only sympathy.

    Quote Originally Posted by TekGreg View Post
    Buddy, that has a lot to do with personal responsibility and how an individual uses it. The problem is that anything that has a valid, useful purpose can almost always be abused. When I was a real estate agent in California, our office used non-qualifying loans to put people in homes, but we did our own due diligence. It was usually for someone that had worked in the industry for 10 years and had just started their own business and didn't have two years of tax returns. We never had any of our non-conforming loans fail, but we used them responsibly. Investors that just wanted us to use them because they were there were told to go elsewhere, because we didn't want to be flooding the market with junk paper and making a bad name for ourselves, but there is always someone that will take the almighty dollar over responsibility.

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    In our defense (us as a society), the government run education system does not teach anything close to Constitutional civil responsibility and true free market capitalism, period!

    Find out who has been running the education system, and for how long they've been running it, and you'll find out why we don't know what our civil obligations are anymore.

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