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Thread: What are your thoughts on Iraq pull out by end of year?

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    Even though i dont care for our fearless leader, i do agree to remove the troops. I believe we have done what we can with these people. They have been fighting over there forever and will continue to. Also with the Iraqi leaders not extending the immunity for our troops, why have them there? That is a BIG liability in my opinion.
    I have to agree with this. Unless we plan to colonize Iraq we won't be able to accomplish any more than has already been done, and enough of our fighting men and women have died or been injured. Supporting the troops includes keeping them out of harm's way as much as possible.

    Personally I thought we should have finished off Afghanistan first before going into Iraq.

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    Finnish off Afghanistan? We haven't been aloud to fininish anyone off sense WWII. The bleeding heart, bed wetting ,left leaning liberals have been in charge of militery missions for decades. If we can't get in a war to win it and have clearly defined acheivable goals, we should stay out.
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