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    That company selling the paint is not the first. Dura-Coat has been selling gun paint for a long time. This is nothing new, people have been painting their guns for a while. You can go to Midwayusa.com and get any color you want. http://www.midwayusa.com/browse/Brow...649***10400*** Kel-Tec sold their grips in multi colors for a while. I've seen S&W J frames new in pink and blue for women. This is just a new evolution in guns. When Camo , OD Green and Desert brown came out a lot of people wanted those colors. Bloomberg and his anti gun witch hunt gang just brought attention to it and people that hadn't seen painted guns will want them now. Personally I like mine blue or Parkerized.
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    If I were going to paint mine, I'd probably go with a dull gray pattern of alternating light and dark and a very matte finish. Something about like slate would be great. However, I'm not sure I trust "gun paint" to not foul something up. Stock color is probably best IMO, as long as it's not shiny. Hey, I'll be walking here in the dark and when I see an attacker, pull out this big chrome mirror and see if I still have the element of surprise... :whatever:
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    Lets pass more gun laws

    We're all about freedom, folks. How in the heck can we step on the freedom of a company to market a legal product just because we don't like it? That's exactly what the anti-gunners are doing to us! Even if we do pass a saw against coloring a gun, what will stop a criminal from painting their guns if they believe it will give them an advantage? Don't get caught in the trap of using the anti-gunner's rational. I'm sensing a very close parallel in the language of "scary-looking" guns.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree that responsibility is a necessary byproduct of freedom. We need good discussion on this topic in order to figure out what to do, but we don't need to be a bunch of rednecks barking just because we think a pink gun looks stupid.

    Perhaps, like toy guns, we could have some sort of a law regulating gun color. (Whew, yet another gun law!) If that's what we believe we want we should also be careful to considerthe unintended consequences. Has anyone ever groused about collored rubber grips? Why then the paint? Think about green guns, would that color be banned? Brown? Gray, black, white? What about shades of tan? Anybody out there have a cammo weapon? How many shades of blue and black are there right now? Would any color metal at all be acceptable, or would we need to stick with nothing but bare metal in order to enforce a 'no color' law?

    What do we really want in regards to gun color? Are we asking for the banning of paint, or just paint we don't like? Are we asking for a standard list of colors? Above all - are we asking government to regulate what we do with our firearms? Are we? Think about it.

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    First, I really like the idea that they are mocking Bloomberg so openly.

    Second, We don't really want to open the can of worms on "what color can a gun be?"

    Third, other companies have been doing this for awhile. I know of one snub nose revolver that's available from a major manufacturer in pink.

    Fourth, this could actually help the police who find themselves up on charges for shooting someone who does point a toy gun at them. They will be able to use the defense "well, it's impossible to tell if it's real or not, so we have to assume that it is".

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    While I don't like the fact that they make them look like toys, I wouldn't want a law stating what color a gun has to be. Would we only allow Black, Silver, OD Green, and Tan? I would personally never want to paint any of my own guns but I don't think it should be banned.

  7. I would personally never want to paint any of my own guns but I don't think it should be banned.
    +1... Liberty and freedom is more important. I don't want us to be a nanny state.

  8. Colored Guns

    I agree With Genetics Dave & others. The government shouldn't be interfering in private business. The fact that this is a slap at Bloomberg is just a little icing on the cake. I have seen many different colored guns out there. Often by women or children, some by men. Everyone stylizes things the way they want, why should they be denied their right to obtain the weapon they desire? Everyone knows that the fake guns are the ones that have the plastic ends and look fake, and yes, idiot gang bangers do whatever they want to them anyway just so thedy can commit the crimes they want to. New York has enough idiocy in it anyhow, why worry about this issue when they should be more concerned at this time with getting rid of Clinton? It's time to give real people with real issues a break, let the company do what it wants--it is a private industry after all and there are already way too many restrictions on manufacturers anyways.

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    While I don't like the idea of painting guns, and believe the practice does have its dangers, if you allow the government to make one exception to the 2A they then have a foothold. This is going to be a difficult area to fight, if it should be fought at all.

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    I teach a few NRA basic pistol classes each month. In every class, students are taught that they should treat EVERY GUN as if it were "real" and "loaded". This applies to toy guns, airsoft guns, bb/pellet guns, and the training guns we have in class.

    I don't see a problem with folks customizing their guns with different colored paints. Many BG are painting the front of real guns with orange paint to make them appear to be toys. Let's not fall for the rationale of the "anti-gunners". This is another potential "back door" that the "anti-gunners" can use to take away our firearms.

    Many competition shooters paint parts of their guns various colors. There's no doubt that their guns are real. If we all follow the basic rule of not pointing at anything we're not intending to shoot or destroy, then guns of any color will be safe.

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    Brightly colored 'toy looking' guns ...

    could definitely give the 'brandisher' of said weapon a tactical advantage in that it could cause the responder to hesitate, thinking it's a toy.

    "But it looked like a toy," he said, as he drew his last breath.

    BUT making it illegal, however, to have a painted gun, because bright colors are 'reserved' for toys would only encourage the bad guys to do so for the advantage they could gain. Not ALL criminals are stupid!

    If I see a couple of 10 year-olds playing cops and robbers in their front yard, I assume the guns are toys. When a guy wearing gang colors points one of those 'toys' at me in a threatening manner, it's not a toy to me, even if it is.

    If it looks like a 'hostile' gun, regardless of color, and it's headed in my direction, I'll be in 'reasonable' fear for my life and respond accordingly.

    To me, however, a real gun should look as evil and threatening as possible as soon as it's unholstered.
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