Obama is a dictator. The United States does not have three branches of government.
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Thread: Obama is a dictator. The United States does not have three branches of government.

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    Obama is a dictator. The United States does not have three branches of government.

    Unilateral. Laws by decree. These are the standard operating procedures of a dictator. I'm not just suggesting that we elect someone new in 2012, I'm demanding that he be prosecuted for crimes against the United States. The office of president was never intended to be a dictatorship, but that's what we have now.
    "The 2nd amendment was never intended to allow private citizens to 'keep and bear arms'. If it had, there would have been wording such as 'the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed'." -- Ken Konecki on Usenet, on 27 Jul 1992

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    Not a fan of Obama or hoe things have gone since he's been in the White House, but to call him a dictator smacks of demagoguery. He's done nothing worse than any president, Democrat or Republican, since Grover Cleveland (the last president who truly stayed within the Constitution).

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Grover Cleveland (the last president who truly stayed within the Constitution).
    Who is also on the $1000 bill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Who is also on the $1000 bill.
    Which many people can't afford to keep in their pockets...sometimes you make sense when you do not insists on your CCW products to annoy the rest of us. LOL
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

  6. Yeah, if the president were a dictator, we'd have a LOT more wonkiness than we already have. Gitmo would be closed with some of its residents parked in a federal prison somewhere, taxes on high income earners would already be higher, etc, etc, etc.

    See Obameter for list of the status of various campaign promises. Obviously, if he were a "dictator", that list would contain a lot fewer "broken" promises.

    Our prior five or six presidents were also notorious for this. Just see Bush's warrantless wiretapping, "Rendition" policy, (which was originated by Clinton, but not used until Bush,) EVERY president's use of recess appointments, etc, etc, etc...

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    ok. so you think he is not a dictator?

    TSA agents are doing random stops and check point 18 miles from each state.
    TSA agents on airplanes, buses and train terminals.

    some blogs have been terminated due to persidential orders....hmmm.

    obama is the only president that has asked your fellow americas to reports on other americas.

    should I continue???

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    I agree he is a dicktator

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    When he ran for office he stated his administration would be open and up front. If this is his definition of an open and up front administration, I would hate to see what is going on behind closed doors. Maybe he meant compared to Chicago politics his administration would be open and up front.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    Nope, he was/still is so inexperienced in Government that he thought Chicago Politics DEFINED open and up front!

    Moral of the story, never hire a community organizer to do a REAL job.

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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    Dictator is one of those many terms that ends up having a variety of meanings, like paying your "Fair share" in taxes. By his track record and upbringing, Obama is expanding the power of the executive branch of government as he sees fit, and likes to expand the powers of the other branches because he thinks bigger is better. I'm not saying I agree with him, but there are no regulations on things like cabinet size and "Tsars." Can it be said that he is working around the Constitution? Some people accuse Lincoln of expanding executive power too, although that was during wartime. I would say that keeping these issues in context can be helpful, but that still won't please everyone.

    Now if Obama does not allow us to vote him out in 2012, then we will have a clear cut dictator definition that can't be refuted!

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