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Thread: shut down the DEA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen:240172
    Quote Originally Posted by Warbirds:240170
    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen:239457

    As far as stepping outside of your problems. I hope you never have to be with someone dealing with end stage cancer, or any other horrifically painful diseases. I wouldn't want them to have to live through so much pain because it's "stepping out of their problems."
    I haven't stayed on top of this thread but I will answer this for firefighterchen.

    I watched my 11 year old nephew die after suffering from a brain tumor that was to have killed him in less than a year. He lasted 6. I watched him re-learn to walk twice. He went through incredible pain. INCREDIBLE.

    Chen....he was a man. Not these piece of trash punks that come out of the woodwork when you legalize dope. DO NOT USE THE PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY SUFFER AS AN EXCUSE ! Because that is what it is. Like I said.. Either people that suffer flock to the states that make it legal or people use it as an excuse to get high to "step out of their problems"

    Now I am going to take a minute to calm down then go back to reading the other posts in the thread.
    People that actually suffer is the reason marijuana was legalized in certain states. They are not an excuse, they are the patients that are benefiting from medicinal marijuana. When did I ever say sick people were an excuse for marijuana abusers to get their marijuana? Please, quote me, since you seem to have gotten so infuriated you missed the point of this whole thread completely.

    Let me sum it up for you, the DEA needs to be shut down because they are wasting a tremendous amount of money and resources on legal marijuana growers.. Growers that have been ok'ed by their state to grow a plant that has a medicinal use for people like your nephew. The only people who think "punks coming out of the woodwork" are the ones posting like you. Will their be abuse? Yes...there is abuse now! Does that mean people who can benefit from it, should be punished by the DEA? Do you believe if there were no gun laws, punks would go out and immediately buy a gun and start shooting into the air? When alcohol was made legal again, did everyone go out and get drunk? No, that just doesn't happen.

    I am sorry for your nephew, cancer and tumors are tragic. You know how many people I have helped get from home to chemo with end stage cancer? 6. I watched 6 people suffer through hell over a 3 year period. Don't preach to me, understand me.
    Its a touchy subject. One that is very emotional for some people. My main issue is that in my opinion what is put in place to help people that are truly needy is abused by those that simply switch dealers. The same way people lie for pain killers they lie for pot. That to me is offensive. And yes, I do think that if legalized people that do not smoke pot will be more likely to when it is legal. I know people that waited til legal age to drink or at legal age went on became binge drinkers. When it was no longer illegal they felt free.

    I still haven't had time to read all the posts yet so sorry if someone has already expressed this line of thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cotillion View Post
    Even calling pot dope just shows me how close minded you are. Do you have ANY idea what doctors give out for pain? A 1 WAY TICKET TO A HEROIN ADDICTION!
    I believe the drug you are referring to is Oxycontin-Hydrocodine. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cotillion View Post
    Funny, I don't smoke pot, or even drink. God abandoned the united states already sailor
    Go back to bed...or from wherever hole you came out of. If many people feel the same way as you do, we might as well give away our rights to the legislators and the UN.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by weekendskp View Post
    How do you know? Did you see his face? What does he/she look like? What fortuitous blessings have been bestowed upon you that you attribute to a supreme being favoring you over millions of poor wretched malnourished masses in countries like Ethiopia or Zimbabwe?
    Well, it started with a deadly medical condition. Now I have great health, happiness, good fortune, love, financial security, peace of mind. When you looking into that abyss and there's nothing but darkness staring back, you'll find your center and balance in one form or another. And THAT will take you from the abyss.

    How do you know he's not smiling on me? Or you for that matter. Did you see his face? Are you so sure that you're willing to spend enterity based on your limited, mortal belief that you are all-knowing?

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