Obama mis-stated US Oil reserves dramatically.
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Thread: Obama mis-stated US Oil reserves dramatically.

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    Obama mis-stated US Oil reserves dramatically.

    For you folks that follow the Politics thread on this site, you know I rarely post.. I am not an Obama Basher, although I disagree with many of his positions/actions..

    I did a search and didn't see this posted before, IF it has been, I'm Sorry about that..

    This video is about 34 words Obama Spoke back in July 2011 about the US Oil Reserves..
    He either needs to FIRE whoever brought him up to speed / His Speech writer / his researcher, OR it was an intentional lie to try and gain some advantage on some topic...

    Without further adieu

    Obama Mis-states US Oil Reserves and the facts that prove it..

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  3. Interesting find. Good post!

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    Either is researcher or his speechwriter is stupid or they lie. Pick-a-choose. Nobody believes in him much anymore...
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    Obama doesn't lie. What he meant was that after he is done with his regulating of the oil industry and forcing the oil companies to relocate to another country, that we won't have access to more than 2% of any the worlds oil supply ever again, and we'd better put windmills and solar panels on our cars and houses soon or we're gonna regret it.

    It's just like when he said there were thousands of guns walking across the Mexican border from American gun dealers. What he meant was that the ATF was ordering American gun dealers to sell to known straw buyers, who were on the FBI's informant payroll and using tax dollars for the purchases. He also meant that the fully auto m16's and grenade launchers they give to the Mexican gov for their military are stolen when the 100,000 military deserters go to work for the drug cartels each year.

    He never lies. He just has a lot of trouble expressing his feelings in a way that humans can understand.

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    Most politicians wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the behind. "The Party is truth and truth is the Party!" (Oy vey!)

    As for "speechifying", they only relate what makes them "look good". (Or makes their "agenda" look good.)

    How is it that if a private citizen lies to "authority" it's BAD, but if our "elected nobility" lies to their "employers", that's OK? Maybe they really believe that we, on the whole, are incapable of handling the truth. That might well be true to a certain extent, but it is NOT their place to judge us in such a cavalier fashion.

    Worse, the concept of "Politically Correct" speech has done nothing but obfuscate the truth. You can only dance around a potential problem for so long before it becomes a MAJOR problem and still one isn't allowed to address that problem straightforwardly. Thus the little centers of cancer cells fester and become malignant.

    The Nation rots from within and STILL the problems are not allowed to be addressed except in acceptable terms. Since it is not acceptable to calls 'em as you sees 'em..... the problem remains unresolved, shuttered away from the glaring light of careful examination and real discourse.

    .... and the "causers" of the problems? Carefully protected and sheltered from scrutiny and/or criticism and more than happy to keep it that way.

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    Any rebuttals from any Lib's who feel slighted? You know, who are defensive 'cause their party and their prez are reducing our country's strength and liberty to rubble right before our eyes. Who feel insulted because we not only know it but post about it here on this forum? C'mon, I know your out there...
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    He's only using numbers other progressive liberal leaders have used in the past. Throw any number out there you want that makes your case. The Main stream media will give you a pass and your base will keep the lie going. Like one of there icons stated when he was president "if you tell a lie often enough it will become fact" (Bill Clinton). Of course if you are not a friend of the main stream media you are held to a different standard.
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