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Thread: Vets call for resignations, impeachments in Washington

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    I'm not a vet but I'm on board. My Dad was a WWII survivor and if he was still alive he would wanting heads to roll. Two Brothers were in Vietnam and we all feel we are being sold out from the inside!

    My Dad was in very bad shape at Emory Hospital and needed a cardiologists. The hospital send in a Korean to be his doctor and my Father told him to get the hell out of his room. He said "I don't trust them" and if you saw what they did to our boys you would not also. So in the end he received an American doctor but I always admired him for standing on his principal.

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    As an old Marine you can count me in. Starting an impeachment is a waste of time/energy----just vote them out next fall-----every d-------- one of them. They all are part of the problem. Time to clean house--and senate--and the half white house---and especially the "chicago crowd" of cronies.

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