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Yes it is, but the solution is not in the White house, it is in the house.

It's time to take back the Pledge of Allegiance instead of this:

"I pledge allegiance to Grover Norquist and to the money for which he stands, one party, under oath, indivisibl*e with liberty and justice for the rich."
Well, I'm kind of the same attitude. I spent my whole life working my butt off, finally arriving at a comfort level where I could retire and have a few years of well earned peace and tranquility...... only to have some sorry speciman of humanity try to tell me that I (we) "owe" him/her something? Particularly when they seem willing to throw in the towell before they even get into the ring for the first round of life.

Excuse me if I have nothing more to "comfort" you with than the observation that it's a hard thing to understand that the world really doesn't give a rodent's posterior about you in general and the only "entitlement" you really have to look forward to are those that you earn.

Sorry your Mommies and Daddies chose to shelter you from the "bad news" for so long instead of preparing you for the realities and vagarities of life. They thought they were "helping you"..... They have done you a disservice and have left you ill prepared for enduring the little setbacks of life that happen to ALL of us sooner or later.

In short, I don't "owe" them a thing. In fact, if an explaination is due....... perhaps they can explain why they are such sorry specimens that they seem incapable of shouldering the work, worry, responsibility and maturity that an adult generally exhibits.

Well, I guess we will just whine a lot, occupy something and generally throw a temper tantrum, like any other ill disciplined child. It figures!