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This whole deal smells fishy! All the sudden, some nutcase starts shooting at the Whitehouse, with an full election season just around the corner! Hmm, and as others have pointed out, how did he get in the position he used to shoot at the Whitehouse, without the so-called Park Police seeing and questioning him. That was supposedly a secure access area! Next, why would someone do this, when it was fairly obvious the Presidential family was not even in D.C.!
So, the claim that he was shooting at B.O. is a little far fetched, and sounds to me like a scenario concocted by some B.O. advisor, to try and get public sentiment rolling for the upcoming election cycle.
There have been far more opportunities, by much more capable people to take B.O. out, but for some reason, they claim a nut-case tried when no one was home!
Also, with all the pressure over "Fast and Furious" on the Whitehouse, the guy uses an so-called "Assault Weapon", hmm, this whole deal stinks, and is a ploy to push B.O.'s anti-gun policy's again!
This guy they arrested, will be living high on the hog in the Bahamas before long, courtesy of the U.S. Taxpayer, or, will mysteriously end up dead for a suicide or UN-explained natural causes.

I can see the headlines now, "B.O. by executive order declares all assault weapons illegal, due to attempt on his life!"
A book recommendation on a very similar subject. It's fictional, but with non-fictional "limits", a good read with a romantic twist. It involves a government plot, gun control, rifle scopes, our lovely ATF and cached guns. It's called: "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" by Matt Bracken. (I won the book at Glock Talk a couple of years back via a raffle). Glad I read it!

Here's a site I found about the book, and apparently others as well by Matt: Enemies Foreign and Domestic - About the Book