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    After the search do they provide a sign for the residents to post on their front door?

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  3. Illegal DC Searches


    If weapons are recovered, they will be tested and destroyed if they are not found to be linked to any other crimes


    So, not only is this a way of getting into peoples homes under auspicious circumstances and reasons, but this is a way to remove any weapon, without receipt and to Never be returned whether the weapon was or was not used in a crime! It basically says so right there in black & white!

    In an attempt to circumvent any decision by the SCOTUS this group of rebels really wants to secure the way for criminals to continue to rule the roost in DC. What a crying shame! And to think, as another said, these same people have been so liberal for so long, living on what the gov't will give them that they eagerly acquiesce
    to the jack booted thugs running the Capitol.

    Is this the start of another trend which originated in Germany? Da little Unger, where this scarf, be proud, be a good little Nazi. As a Youth Leader you jsut have to tell us what your family is doing so we may correct their errors. You do this and all Germany will love you as a great patriot! Now go along and play, remember that the country needs you, ya!

    When will these morons wake up? It is beginning on their door now in a blatant attempt to disarm them!

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