Caveat: All of the below is my read (opinion) on the material available. It is not and I don’t mean to give the impression that it is “gospel” but it is one possible scenario.

Much of the reaction to the proposed amendments in the National Defense Appropriations Act for 2012 comes out of some strong misconceptions by the public as to the powers granted to the Federal government to put down any acts they feel are detrimental to their ability to control the populace.
As the Second Constitutional Convention was meeting (The first Convention didn’t accomplish anything!) the French revolution was getting underway. By the time the First new “Constitutional Congress” met in 1789, aristocrats were being hung and decapitated in France by the public mobs. Many of our founding fathers had good friends among the unfortunates being executed. Some of the most prominent founding fathers had lived in France (Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Quincy Adams and Benjamin Franklin, among them) and were actually quite attached to the Aristocracy of France.
Shay’s Rebellion and several other violent public uprisings had occurred in this country during this same time period and had to be put down by troops.
All of this led to distrust by the ruling elite for the “Masses” (meaning the public, in short, most of us.)
Go to Index and read it in their own words ( The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers). They wrote the Constitution to contain and prevent Democracy not to further it. The “Mob Rule” as they had seen in France later confirmed to them that they had made the right decision.
They made sure that they had made provisions in the constitution that would allow the government to put down public uprisings. When Thomas Jefferson and others spoke of “justifiable rebellions against Tyranny” they meant by states not by public mobs and they pretty much lost even that argument. The measures used by government were always meant to over ride individual rights at least during the period of rebellion. The American Civil War demonstrated this for once and for all. It can be small, localized rebellions; it doesn’t have to be a nationwide or even state wide insurrection.
The Insurrection Act (1807) laid down the ground work and is now part of U.S. Law even today as 10USC333. The incorporation of the provisions of this act into the Appropriation Bills (Which become Public Law) is a move to make sure that using troops within the U.S. can be financed with some legal basis (President’s actions are in accordance with “an act of Congress” as stated in para. 2(b) of 10USC333). This incorporation has been going on for several decades now, so we have actually been living “under the gun” for quite awhile.
We are currently in a period of public unrest, with public demonstrations increasing. The government is going to tighten its hold on the “unwashed masses” to prevent civil interference with the government. Our chances of changing that are nil. The people that have to make the changes are the very people that need the “big Stick’ to hold onto their money machine in Washington, It is your right to write your representatives, but don’t hold your breath for change. All of these people work for a political party, not for us. They have demonstrated that beyond a doubt over the last year, both sides. The political parties are not going to give up the political power and wealth making machine they have controlled for over two centuries. They may change some of the wording but main provisio will remain.