American Dad - Guns don't Kill People
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Thread: American Dad - Guns don't Kill People

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    American Dad - Guns don't Kill People

    American Dad cartoon usually is rather lefty, but this is great:
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    Maybe we should use that exemple next time someone says it.

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    Yeah, I gotta use that sometime. That's a good one.
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    That was great!

    BTW does anyone know where I can get one of those Gunswords? I kinda liked that one. LOL
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  6. I liked that ..

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    Thanks for sharig Danno, I like that.......... I never seen Amarican Dad before, maybe I should start watching lol................
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    thanks for the post.. I never liked american dad too much... maybe they are getting better though:)
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    That's a great demonstration. I'll have to remember that next time - I can't remember the last time my guns fired a shot on their own. :icon_great:
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    Cool That was really funny

    I agree that the lefties normally rule the media but this takes the cake. American dad is a little over the top for our family but that's OK. I will give the show a chance and see if it holds any family values I agree with.

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    Nice one Danno, i'll take a Gunsword also.
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