It's A Good Day For Georgia
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Thread: It's A Good Day For Georgia

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    It's A Good Day For Georgia

    For those who haven't heard, HB 89 has passed and will become law on July 1st. Changes include allowing carry in restaurants that serve alcohol, state parks, and public transportation. A lot of thanks goes to for their work in this and, it looks like, the majority of reps. Georgians, if you get a chance, write these guys and say thanks.

  3. Georgia Carry

    This is awesome news! I may not be from Georgia, but I have friends there and thisw could definitely be a great change for them. It is noce to see the lessoning of restrictions on this Right in Georgia. Now hopefully other states may follow suit.

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    Congrats ronwill and all those from Georgia. I also hope to see more states follow this example especially my state of Texas.
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    Congratulations Georgia. That is great news! I have family in Georgia.
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    Fanstastic! Great to hear someone is chaning some of these idiotic laws. I sure hope MI comes around.

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    Now if SC would only do that. Looks like I'll be going to GA for dinner a lot.
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  8. That is outstanding. Now I would like to see Ohio do the same.

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    Awesome! :bdaysmile:

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    congrats on that! hopefully other states will be following suit real soon... when they see the positive effects from this.
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    Congrats GA. You are lucky you don't have a speaker of the house like TN does.

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