Triumph Over Tragedy: The Suzanna Hupp Story
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Thread: Triumph Over Tragedy: The Suzanna Hupp Story

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    Triumph Over Tragedy: The Suzanna Hupp Story

    I was thinking, "I wonder how many CHL owners, especially those in Texas know who Suzanna Hupp is or the debt we owe her. We in Texas should give thanks for her everyday for she perhaps more than anyone else is responsalbe for us having the freedonm to carry. While searching the web for information on here I found the following. For those of you that do not know the story read ( A Daughters Regret.)
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    she was featured in the penn and teller show on showtime called "********!" she tells her story on there and explains her position on gun control... and of course penn and teller do an excellent job proving that gun control is in fact defined by the title of the show.. it is season 3 episode 09. watch it!
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