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    I'm running my own gun buyback...some guns may be eligible for up to $100, if I approve them as needing to be disposed of. Typically, the only "dangerous" guns tend to be small, parkerized, blued or polymer semiautomatics that have been well-maintained. Others may be eligible as well. Almost all ammunition should be disposed of immediately. Even if I can't dispose of it, I can find someone who can.

    I can also dispose of recently purchased gasoline, random cash you may have lying around, shopping cards with some value left, and various types of toxic rocks. What? You didn't know about toxic rocks? Yes, certain types of attractive but dangerous substances known as diamonds can be highly poisonous. They kill without warning, just like those dangerous guns.
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    I saw an article the other day about a city-wide household hazardous waste cleanup day (in conjunction with earth day of course) to help people get rid of hazardous items properly. According to the article one item people don't know how to dispose of is ammunition, so since I am so civic minded I've decided to help folks out by disposing of their unwanted ammunition for them. I am currently accepting donations of .223, .357Mag, .38, and 9mm. As I told my wife, I may find it necessary to purchase further ammunition disposal devices, but such is the price of saving the earth!
    this is a great idea.. just think of how much we would be saving the earth by getting the proper tools for disposing of ammunition.
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