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Thread: Amend/Repeal Class III Ban - A Stepping Stone To Total Gun Confiscation

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Most Presidents never get elected unless they are on board with the elitist one world government movement. Those that have even a tendency to be a little to the right find out after they are elected that they can not if they wanted to buck their puppet masters that control them. For all the things that Kennedy did that I disagree with I think he did try to some degree to buck the systems and it cost him his life.

    until you understand the fact that both parties to a great degree are controlled from behind the scenes it will be impossible to grasp the evil that we are dealing with.
    +1 HK I highly recommend the book Hope of the Wicked, the Master Plan to Rule the World, by Ted Flynn. It's an amazing expose and information that everyone should have.
    Conservative Wife & Mom -- I'm a Conservative Christian-American with dual citizenship...the Kingdom of God is my 1st home and the U.S.A. is my 2nd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemian View Post
    YouTube - Gun Control

    REPEAL THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL USC 18 922(o), AKA: The Hughes Amendment...
    The First De Facto Ban Of An Entire Class/Type Of Weapon By The Federal Government In U.S. History...

    U.S. School Shootings 1997-2007, 10 Years of Kill for Free & Leave our Kids & Their Teachers Defenseless Zones...
    FOX Facts: Major U.S. School Shootings - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

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    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (& women) to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

    YouTube - A History of Gun Control in California, Pt 1

    YouTube - A History of Gun Control in California, Pt 2

    YouTube - A History of Gun Control in California, Pt 3

    YouTube - Nazi Gun Control

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    Thanks for doing yout part! This needs to be changed NOW!

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    Katrina Victim of Unconstitutional Martial Law... Still Looking For Her Guns In 2010

    She Just Wants Her Dang Guns Back
    by Barbara Baird


    If you were a) jacked up, b) held at gunpoint, or c) politely asked to hand over your firearm as you a) left town, b) went about your business or c) tried to help your neighbors in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, you might be eligible to get your illegally confiscated gun back if you follow the rules established by the court. According to the terms of the permanent injunction against the city, issued in October 2008, the city has to “make an aggressive attempt to return any and all firearms which may have been confiscated during the period August 29 to December 31, 2005.” You can access the information at the city’s webpage. Scroll to the bottom of the page on the right hand side and click the little red box that reads “Hurricane Katrina Firearms.”

    According to Assistant City Attorney Victor L. Papai, as of last October only three applicants had turned in paperwork to get their guns back. Papai does not return calls any longer regarding the tally. The city does not have their guns and it only has to comply with the court order until October 2010.

    Local tavern owner JoAnn Guidos is one of those applicants. She owns Kajun’s Pub on St. Claude Avenue and boasts that her establishment “never closes” and that people feel safe there because they know that Guidos knows how to use firearms. During the aftermath of Katrina, she kept the pub open for two weeks, running generators and serving ice-cold beer and hot grilled food to the neighborhood, press and visiting law enforcement. Meanwhile, around her, shooters and looters, along with law enforcement, used St. Claude Avenue as the only highway to and from the Lower 9th Ward.

    She said, “I didn’t want to evacuate because I didn’t want people to break in and destroy this place. And that’s what happened. They were breaking into houses and then, setting them on fire.” She recalled, “We had firemen and policemen from all over the country here and I told them I was armed and that this was a safe house and they didn’t do nothing. They had no problem. Then, the U.S. Marshals came walking down the street.”

    On September 8, 2008, Guidos and friends decided to leave New Orleans. Things had quieted down with the arrival of federal troops, but heat and humidity stayed high. So, since there was no power restored yet to her building, she decided it would be safe to lock the bar and head to Mississippi. While loading the van in front of the bar, she carried her Browning 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun and wore a .38 in her belt.

    Five U.S. Marshals came driving down St. Claude and stopped half a block away from the pub. They got out of their vehicle and came running toward Guidos and crew with M-16s, yelling “Put the guns down!” Guidos said, “They went right after me. They said to put my hands on the car and then, asked if I had any other guns.” She gave them her other guns and asked for a receipt. They never showed any ID, and they never gave her a receipt.

    The scenario gets complicated because one of Guidos’ employees, unbeknownst to her at the time, is a convicted felon and she had loaned him a .25 semi-auto to wear. When the Feds ran the ID checks, they discovered this fact and cuffed the employee and took him away. However, Guidos said the employee only had one of her guns on him, and reiterated, she carried two of them and had packed two of them in the van. The charges against her employee were dismissed in July 2006, in the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Louisiana.

    On November 12, 2008, Guidos filed paperwork to get her five guns back and hand-delivered it to a sergeant at a police station on Earhart in New Orleans. By January 2009, when she had not heard anything, she contacted Holliday. He contacted Papai, who told Holliday that he [Papai] already had contacted Guidos by phone and by letter. Holliday then sent Guidos a copy of the letter that Papai claimed to have sent her, dated Oct. 24, 2008 – supposedly written to her three weeks before she turned in her claims. Guidos said, “I found it rather odd that the letter they sent to me in response to my forms was written a month before I turned in my forms.” She says he never called her.

    Futhermore, she believes she is caught between two systems: the local police department and the federal law enforcement system. She continued, “This is the question I put to Dan and nobody can give me an answer: Where are my damn guns?

    “My weapons were taken by the U.S. Marshals, and supposedly they were in federal custody and I was verbally told that the Feds transferred the weapons to New Orleans, but I cannot find out who transferred them and who received them. … There’s paperwork there somewhere that someone signed for. If I can get a copy of the transfer order, than I can at least either get my weapons back and/or the value back of the weapons [value approx. $3,000].”

    When asked about Guidos’ predicament, Holliday responded: “I don't have any information regarding Guidos. Because her situation involved a gun seized as evidence it does not fall under our consent judgment, even now that the charges were dismissed.”

    Lessons Learned
    He added, “I am glad that the City of New Orleans ultimately decided to rethink their position and agree to the permanent injunction. It was such a clear cut violation of the Constitutional rights of the citizens of New Orleans, citizens of this country, that it didn't make any sense for the parties to waste precious time and resources. The good thing is that, at the end of the day, we now have a permanent injunction in place that prevents the City of New Orleans from seizing firearms in this manner and protects the citizens of the City of New Orleans in the unfortunate event that a hurricane hits the city in the future.”

    Holliday continued, “Additionally, it sets a precedent and is a warning to other governmental entities regarding the unlawful seizure of firearms in general and specifically in times of an emergency. However, there are still hundreds of firearms in the city's possession that can be claimed. There is still more time for people to claim their firearms. If anyone in your audience reads this article and had a firearm seized following hurricane Katrina (or knows somebody that did), I strongly advise them to check out the City of New Orleans' website and to make and submit an application.”
    Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, said, “The joint effort between the NRA and the SAF was so strong that it made it impossible not to win the case.” He noted that, according to a SAF survey, public opinion regarding approval of firearms ownership rose about six percent and stayed higher as Americans realized what happened in New Orleans.

    Baton Rouge writer Gordon Hutchinson, author of The Great New Orleans Gun Grab, Descent into Anarchy, reacted to the news about the lack of applicants, and said, “I’m not surprised New Orleans hasn’t had any takers. … Most of the citizens who lost decent guns to the uniformed goons in the anarchy after the hurricane figured they’d never see their guns again – and they were right. The cops that stole guns didn’t turn in the quality stuff. That went in personal arsenals. The trash was turned in and inventoried.”
    Guidos concluded, “I’m looking at it like it’s a lost case. Even if I did get an attorney to find out if they have the weapons and if they were transferred, then what? How long will it take and at what expense to me for $3,000 worth of weapons?

    “I’m extremely disappointed in the whole lawsuit business here. We don’t want to bring it up all the time, because we just want to put it behind us, because this is America and isn’t supposed to happen. … It’s real easy to comply when you ain’t got nothin’.”

    Guidos said she’s changed a few things since Katrina: “Number one – I have more guns now. I have all my paperwork in order on my weapons. And I’ll stay inside my building and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to take my guns from me again. I’m not going to let it happen again.

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    More Guns... Less Crime... Again

    More Guns = Less Crime Again...
    FBI — Crime Stats - Press Room - Headline Archives 05-24-10

    More guns less crime: Violent crime falls sharply

    Preliminary data indicates that, for the third year in a row, the rate of violent crime in the United States is down. It appears that property crime also declined, for the seventh straight year.
    FBI — Crime Stats - Press Room - Headline Archives 05-24-10

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    Indiana HB 1065, effective July 1, 2010 removes any question about the legality of attempts to confiscate my firearms in an emergency. It's not legal.

    Hence, anyone attempting to confiscate my firearms is a de facto criminal attempting to disarm me, and will be treated by me as such.
    When they "Nudge. Shove. Shoot.",
    Don't retreat. Just reload.

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    287 on the list. I'll have to work on the rest of the instructions this week.

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    I noticed 4 said only Military and law enforcemnt should have clkass III weapons. Since when does the military and law enforcement need a constitutional right to have a firearm?

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    EDITORIAL: The U.N. gun grabber

    Global Small Arms Treaty threatens your right to self defense

    May 27th, 2010

    American gun owners might not feel besieged, but they should. This week, the Obama administration announced its support for the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. This international agreement poses real risks for freedom both in the United States and around the world by making it more difficult - if not outright illegal - for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

    The U.N. claims that guns used in armed conflicts cause 300,000 deaths worldwide every year, an inordinate number of which are the result of internal civil strife within individual nations. The solution proposed by transnationalists to keep rebels from getting guns is to make the global pool of weapons smaller through government action. According to recent deliberations regarding the treaty, signatory countries would be required to "prevent, combat and eradicate" various classes of guns to undermine "the illicit trade in small arms." Such a plan would necessarily lead to confiscation of personal firearms.

    This may seem like a reasonable solution to governments that don't trust their citizens, but it represents a dangerous disregard for the safety and freedom of everybody. First of all, not all insurgencies are bad. As U.S. history shows, one way to get rid of a despotic regime is to rise up against it. That threat is why authoritarian regimes such as Syria, Cuba, Rwanda, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone endorse gun control.

    Political scientist Rudy Rummel estimates that the 15 worst regimes during the 20th century killed 151 million of their own citizens, which works out to 1.5 million victims per year. Even if all 300,000 annual deaths from armed conflicts can be blamed on the small-arms trade (which they cannot), governments are a bigger threat to most people than their neighbors.

    This U.N. treaty will lead to more gun control in America. "After the treaty is approved and it comes into force, you will find out that it has this implication or that implication and it requires the Congress to adopt some measure that restricts ownership of firearms," former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton warns. "The [Obama] administration knows it cannot obtain this kind of legislation purely in a domestic context.
    ... They will use an international agreement as an excuse to get domestically what they couldn't otherwise."

    The U.N. Small Arms Treaty opens a back door for the Obama administration to force through gun control regulations. Threats to the Second Amendment are as real today as ever...

    EDITORIAL: The U.N. gun grabber - Washington Times

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    Obama - Gun Salesman Of The Year In 2009 (No Surprise)..

    How Obama Reduced Crime Rates Last Year

    by John Lott

    President Obama (siq) surely didn’t intend it, but he deserves some credit for last year’s 7.4 percent drop in murder rates. His election caused gun sales to soar, and crime rates to plummet.

    While gun sales started notably rising in October 2008, sales really soared immediately after Mr. Obama won the presidential race. 450,000 more people bought guns in November 2008 than bought them in November 2007, that’s over a 40 percent increase in sales. By comparison, the change from November 2006 to November 2007 was only about 35,000. Over the last decade, the average year-to-year increase in monthly sales was only 21,000.

    The increase in sales continued well beyond November 2008. From November 2008 to October 2009, almost 2.5 million more people bought guns in the 12 months after the election than in the preceding 12 months. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, doesn’t tell us how many guns each person bought just the number of people who bought them. Most likely though, gun sales rose by more than the number of people who purchased them.

    At the same time gun sales were soaring, there was an unusually large drop in murder rates. The 7.4 percent drop in the murder rate was the largest drop in murder rates since the 1999. For those who don’t remember, 1999, when President Bill Clinton and Columbine occurred, was another time when gun sales soared. With people such as Elena Kagan serving as Mr. Clinton’s deputy domestic policy adviser were pushing hard for more gun control, Americans were worried that more gun bans were coming. And in response gun sales soared.

    Just as higher arrest and conviction rates, longer prison sentences, or the more frequent use of the death penalty reduce crime, so does letting victims defend themselves with guns. More certain or greater penalties make it more risky for criminals to commit crime. Victims who can defend themselves can also make committing crime more dangerous and deter criminals.

    Americans living in the District of Columbia and Chicago have seen this phenomenon themselves. After the ban went into effect in both cities, murder rates rose dramatically. After the Supreme Court threw out DC’s ban and gunlock laws in 2008, the District’s murder rates plunged by 25 percent in 2009. Indeed, my research in the just released third edition of More Guns, Less Crime shows that every place in the world that we have crime data for has seen murder rates climb when guns were banned.
    If Mr. Obama really understood that letting law-abiding citizens defend themselves reduces crime, it is unlikely that gun sales would have had to increase. Yet, if the Supreme Court strikes down the Chicago gun ban this month, Americans may get to see yet again that more guns mean less crime.

    How Obama Reduced Crime Rates Last Year - Big Government

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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