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Thread: Amend/Repeal Class III Ban - A Stepping Stone To Total Gun Confiscation

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    Quote Originally Posted by n00b View Post
    Is there anyone that we could possibly send this to in order to challenge it? I don't think the actual transcript had ever been found. Could this possibly be used as new evidence for a person charged with possession of a machine gun to be released of all charges? I mean this is proof isn't it?
    It should be available via the National Archives/CSPAN as well as the audio & video which I know reflects the transcript that we are now reading...
    Because I watched it & heard it sometime back...

    Regarding Hughes Amendment #777 of the so-called FOPA of 1986; I have had discussions at length with a two-well known Constitutional Lawyers on the Second Amendment; one was Alan Gura and you can search this sites archives for related info & my thoughts on that P.O.S. whom is doing us no favors...

    The other is fellow Nevadian, Army Ranger, Yale Educated & Respected Constitutional Attorney Stewart Rhodes, whom is also the founder of Oathkeepers...
    Oath Keepers Oath Keepers – Guardians of the Republic

    I have not had the opportunity to discuss this transcript with him thus-far; but I did discuss possible ways to challenge this particular federal law that is clearly in conflict with the Second Amendment...

    He stated the fastest way to git rid of this abomination is to get Congress to Amend/Repeal it...

    Hence my suggestion to start getting this in front of as many of the 80 million & counting owners of 270 million & counting firearms and their U.S. Senators and Congressmen/Women...
    And as I mentioned in the o/p of this thread; Wayne LaPierre & the NRA need to STEP UP & KEEP THEIR WORD !!!
    And thats not going to happen unless we start hammering the NRA, GOA, SAF, JPFO, Guns & Ammo Magazine and others to ***** or get off the pot...

    WE THE PEOPLE have been silent on this issue way too long...

    The second way he suggested was to get as many people as possible in different parts of the country (that do not live in a state like California whom has separate, redundant legislation) to concurrently file the form 4 request with the BATFE via your local Class III dealer for a post May 19th, 1986 manufactured weapon such as a Select Fire F/A M-16/M-4 etc...

    It will cost you $200.00 just to file the form ... (Refundable upon denial)

    In order to get denied by the BATFE so you can challenge at least the 2nd/5th Amendment Constitutionality of USC 18 922 (o) without breaking the law...
    Giving us yet another opportunity to bring this transcript into the public eyes and forefront...

    This is consistent with what Heller and others did...

    Their mistake was they got Alan Gura Esq. to represent them as did McDonald ...

    The First Fundamental Principle of Constitutional Interpretation: Your Rights Don't Come From Government ...

    So far I have a couple of people here in Nevada that are willing & able to join me, but obviously we need a more diverse representation of Second Amendment supporters whom realize that if they can ban one complete type/class of firearm they can ban them all; as has been demonstrated over & over again in the history of the world...

    We cannot, must not let this stand, regardless of whether or not you have any desire to own a f/a at anytime in your life or not...
    Either the Constitution Matters or it does not...

    Also yet another reason to get people to read the fricking so-called Firearm Freedom Acts state's like Montana are passing and others are copying...


    May 19th, 1986 ... Thank so-called uber-conservative Ronald Reagan and the shenanigans of the 99th U.S. Congress and the NRA dropping the ball for that one ...

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    I remember when Sarah Brady, the queen beeotch herself, came to talk at my university. The next day, I had a letter to the editor of my college news rag, which they turned into a full-blown article, complete with a huge 1911 silhouette in the middle. I mentioned the fact that F/A was not banned by the NFA34 and all it required was a $200 tax. I never heard back either personally or in the editorials.
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    Levin I am ashamed to say is from our state, MI is pro gun but he and Stab-me-now both vote consistently vote against their constituents wishes, and the DUMB A$$ give me free stuff group keeps voting them back into office each cycle..
    "The sword dose not cause the murder, and the maker of the sword dose not bear sin" Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac 11th century
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  5. We need to keep spreading this all over the internet!! Bohemian is right we need to act now!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by n00b View Post
    We need to keep spreading this all over the internet!! Bohemian is right we need to act now!!
    Related Update To This Thread:

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

  7. Video of the passage of this criminal/unconstitutional bill has been located and delivered!!

    Spread this fast!!

    Check it out over at

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    I avidly support repealing this bill. It is an infringement of the First and Second Amendments. All US citizens should have the right to bear arms, regardless of make or model. When Obama passed this law, he removed vital weaponry from the hands of good hardworking American men and women, and he is stripping all guns from the country. We will not be able to defend ourselves in the event of disaster or national security, and he is removing the budget for our armed forces as well.

    We must repeal this bill and impeach this president. He has lied to us about Benghazi, about his birth country, about his religion. Who knows what else he is lying about as he works to destroy our economy, our national integrity, and our right to defend ourselves.

    Repeal the Class III Weapons Ban. Allow us to purchase and carry fully automatic weaponry. It is a right that was given in the Constitution, and to take away this right is unconstitutional.

    Paul Rand.

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    Obama isn't responsible for the NFA paulrand63.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallstones View Post
    Obama isn't responsible for the NFA paulrand63.
    That is an extremely myopic view. Saying that is like saying he isn't responsible for the state of the economy except that which he has acted on. He is responsible for the enforcement of the laws and upkeep of the country under his command, and anything that goes on under his government. He has not made any attempt to repeal the law, indicating that he is in full support of it. He's also moving toward confiscation of all guns from the hands of good law abiding citizens. (

    He is most certainly responsible for anything that happens under him and any laws which he chooses to enforce or repeal. He has not acted toward repealing the NFA, so he most certainly is responsible for it, and should be held responsible for the oppression of good US citizens who are not able to own fully automatic weapons in a responsible fashion. His fascist socialist policies are removing the very weaponry we need to hunt, train, and defend ourselves, "a well armed militia."

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    That is like saying he isn't responsible for the state of the country when he took presidency. He is responsible for the entire country from the moment he took office, from the laws that need to be enforced, to repealing laws that are unlawful, to the economic state. See also the repeal of the 1994 AWB in 2004. The president has the authority to repeal an unconstitutional bill, in this case a bill that violates the second amendment "the right to a well armed militia." The American citizen has the right to be armed with any weapon they see fit. Whether a weapon is used for self defense, the defense of one's home and children, the defense of a public location, hunting, or target shooting, a responsible American is by the Bill Of Rights entitled to the right to bear arms.

    Instead, this president is working to seize and confiscate weapons (, leading us to be unable to defend ourselves in our own homes, schools, theaters, airports, and shopping malls. He would rather have us be pacified sheeple Komrades in his fascist socialist country while he rules as premier for life.

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