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    Emily Gets Her Gun

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    "Emily Gets Her Gun" is the title of a now seven month long series of blog posts and opinion pieces published on the Washington Times website documenting one D.C. resident's excursion into the wilds of the district's Byzantine gun laws in the wake of the 2008 Heller decision. It includes her taking one Liberal Democrat on the City Council to the range (in Virginia, not the District) for a bit of target practice and bringing to the attention of the author of the 2009 district gun laws hastily cobbled together in the wake of Heller the many ways in which the Metropolitan Police Department were misinterpretting the laws he wrote and further passing those misinterpretations on to citizens. She confronts the irrational world of gun control laws on their own turf as she struggles with complying with them, their cost, and the time required to deal with the bureaucracy of it all. She asks the questions such as how do the peaceable journey laws apply to her as a resident of the District, interacting with police officers while travelling with her gun, and ownership of ammunition. Finally, there have been a number of changes made to the District's long, expensive, and often impossible if you did not have your own mode of transportation process of full filling all of its requirements to finally possess your own private property in your own home.

    While it's still not possible to carry a loaded firearm on or about your person whether openly or concealed, everyone in the District of Columbia, and indeed, by extension, to nation, owes Emily Miller a heart-felt vote of gratitude. The Leftist government of our nation's capital have been dragging their feet for three years over their compliance with the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. It was only after her series Emily Gets Her Gun began back in early October that this ball actually began to roll in the right direction.
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    I Emily Miller. :)
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    I've followed her series from the start and agree she has had a huge impact on the D.C. gun laws and process.
    Not only do we owe her for bringing to light the governmental malpractice of infringement, she has also demonstrated beautifully the way in which a single citizen can impact laws on a local level.
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