20 Signs American Society is Breaking Down
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Thread: 20 Signs American Society is Breaking Down

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    20 Signs American Society is Breaking Down

    When someone asks me what makes me conservative, my answer is always very simple: I believe family values are more important than government. I think that children are a reflection of the way they grew up, so when I hear of someone becoming a drug addict or eating someone’s face after ingesting bath salts, the first question I ask myself is ‘What happened to that person to make them go down that road?’ Some issues are genetic, and some things just happen by chance, but I believe that the majority of a person’s lifestyle is attributable to their upbringing. And it seems as though that traditional upbringing is disappearing.

    Today’s world is a mess; people are abusing prescription drugs left and right, outstanding credit card bills litter American mailboxes, unemployment runs rampant, entitlements are expanding, and the government is setting a horrible example by spending outside of their means.
    Good read, true and maybe a little scary.

    20 Signs American Society is Breaking Down - Independent Journal Review

    20 Signs American Society is Breaking Down-crazy-tattoos-08.jpeg
    "I don't think that a society that encourages over a million abortions a year....a society that kills out of convenience, i.e., Jack Kevorkian, can not have consequences." --Rush Limbaugh

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    Nothing is different, u are just older and scared of changes around u. Your parents said the same thing about ur generation.

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    I agree, the only thing a bit different is the Flash Mobs. That can only happen with cell phones. There were none to speak of 20 yrs ago.

    The other is the ability of the media to get the stories and report them faster.

    All the rest, same old thing.


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    each generation watches society gradually get more corrupted and insane as time goes by i can't help but smh in disgust as i read that kind of news
    gun control is being able to hit your target

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rdm6680 View Post
    Nothing is different, u are just older and scared of changes around u. Your parents said the same thing about ur generation.
    Yes our parents said the same things, but about different issues. You can track how society is progressively getting worse and worse. Many things that were considered wicked, evil, or just wrong 20, 40, 60 years ago, is now considered the norm.

    I compare it to shooting accuracy. If your aim is just slightly off target, the farther away the target is, the farther off you are when the bullet makes contact. These slight changes to society, while in the present seem minor, over the span of time become major shifts. It would be easier to correct them now, when they are minor, than to wait another 20 years to try and correct.

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    And each generation that doesn't take corrective action against the moral slide in our society just heaps more unto the shoulders of the next generation.
    It is up to us all to take part in improving our society.
    "One cannot restrict the defiant by constraining the compliant."
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdm6680 View Post
    Nothing is different, u are just older and scared of changes around u. Your parents said the same thing about ur generation.
    At times, I believe the same until I reflect back on things. First, here is a sick story for you:

    Mom Accused Of Pimping Girls Waives Hearing

    That's right...a mom let men sexually abuse her 7 and 14 year old daughters.

    Ok, back to my reflections. One time we took an entire school picture when I was in 4th grade. Me a few other idiots decided to flip off the camera. Yeah, it was stupid, yeah I'm pretty sure my dad's fraternity paddle was used and I deserved it. Now, kids expose their genitals in school pictures and somehow it isn't their fault. They get put on drugs by their doctor and they walk around in a haze all day.

    Also, I remember 1 girl in my high school got pregnant (I was in a large high school...nearly 2,000 students). It was kinda awkward for us but she was a great girl and it was fine. Now, there is a day care being proposed for student's babies. Not saying that children in high school can't successfully raise children...at all...but that is a BIG change from the days when girls would be kicked out of school for getting pregnant.

    Another thing, the rates of sexually transmitted diseases is incredibly high. Again, I don't care what kids do and who they do it with but why aren't we educating our children about this? Why don't we give away free condoms at schools? Why are 12 year old kids having rainbow parties in the back of movie theaters?

    I have an idea...parents want to be best friends with their children because of some false guilt or regret they have from their childhood. Instead of saying "no" to their kid, they get them an iPhone. So just because I'm getting older isn't always the answer. Sometimes the answer is bad parenting.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by rdm6680 View Post
    Nothing is different, u are just older and scared of changes around u. Your parents said the same thing about ur generation.
    Yes and No. Although some things are due to seeing with experienced eyes (ie: older) there are a lot of things that are becoming acceptable that never would have been in the past. It seems that the more we accept immoral behavior as normal, the faster we decline. I'm not saying that we legislate morality, but as a culture we need to get back to understanding that some things are just plain wrong. Also, the gulf between our government and the people has never been wider and it is growing each day. Since 9/11 we have accepted intrusions into our private lives and the trampling on our freedoms not seen since the Civil War. The difference is that the Civil War was always expected to end while the War On Terror is not going to end, at least not in our lifetime. Every day we lose freedoms in the name of security, and the people are looking more and more like the enemy to our government.

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    Political rhetoric aside, on both extremes, the "conservative" RNC (although it is difficult to determine what they are conserving, since their conservative projects under deregulation have time and again led to huge financial crises, such as the crash of 2008, and before that the crash of the national power grids, and before that the crash of the S&L industry) and the "liberal" DNC (although it is difficult to call them liberal about anything except further legislation and taxation) -- forgetting about the political extremes that each promise to "fix" America (which is broke and probably cannot be fixed by anyone anyway possible) -- it is clear that civilizations (including the USA and Europe and Japan) are tending more and more towards "corruption."

    It also happened in the USSR. For all their social and political ideology, the USSR also became corrupted to the point where their civilization collapsed. That is the most recent example.

    It also happened in the Roman Empire, the last time in history any empire was as powerful as the USSR or the USA.

    I don't know if we are doomed to repeat it, in the USA.

    I know Romney is promising to fix everything, and that Obama is promising that yes he can, and neither one are likely to make any difference at all.

    I know Boehner and Reid are both obstructing everything in DC. However that is not necessarily a bad thing. The less that happens in DC the better off the rest of the Nation probably is.

    It is dangerous whenever either party takes over the whole government. As much as both parties, the so-called "conservatives" (which are conserving nothing) and the so called "liberals" (under whom there is becoming less and less liberty) are each hated by the other, having them both there fighting with each other does serve the pupose that only the most obvious and necessary things will get done. And even this small paltry bit just to ensure that each of them gets elected again by their devotees.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by rdm6680 View Post
    Nothing is different, u are just older and scared of changes around u. Your parents said the same thing about ur generation.
    Yes, and I'm sure dozens of generations of Romans said the same thing...

    except Rome eventually fell.

    The only way we avoid being just like the Romans is not to repeat their mistakes, ala with an overly powerful and self-biased government, poorly educated people happily dependent on that government, a total breakdown of any semblance of personal responsibility, and a society that considers ethics relative.

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