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    Wow Eagleeyes, you also feel that way about Clinton's pot smoking and Obama's coke snorting. What about all the drug abuse by the Hollywood elite's. Rush had an addiction to pain killers. He got treatment and although his enemy's went after him, no charges stuck. I'm sure you know more about this than the rest of us. Why aren't you criticizing your Hollywood and sports buddies that have done the very same thing. If you wish to criticize, what about the doctors that prescribe medications without checking first to see what their patients are already taking.
    All of the druggies in Hollywood and in sports have never criticized anyone for taking drugs. Rush performed the cardinal sin of criticizing drug users then becoming addicted himself a decade later.

    And of course conservatives can never be forgiven for anything.
    "I don't think that a society that encourages over a million abortions a year....a society that kills out of convenience, i.e., Jack Kevorkian, can not have consequences." --Rush Limbaugh

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    ''this mean, irresponsibe, narcissistic moslem socialist/fascist pig is doing his best.'' he is just following orders from his puppeteers because he doesn't have the back bone to stand up for the citizens and against his masters whereas ron paul does and they know ron don't take bribes ......another reason we need more ron pauls up in our white house
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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