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    no community organizer holds the key to this lock because the rich powerful elite will not allow that kind of competition
    which is the reason for all this war for the last 10,000 years and the more wars fought the less keys we as citizenry hold ......slowly and steadily each war only serves the royal /pain in our butts/ dynasties

    and if we continue to kill of the elites competitors via war and other covert psyops operations we won't even have a key chain let alone the keys
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    Experience tells me a capitalist will have better chance of success than a community organizer. The United States is a municipal corporation and needs to be run like a corporation. That means China must go. Some unions must go. Jobs must be returned to the U.S. People need to get off the public dole and get back to work. Our leaders must refrain from picking the pockets of the very people who provide jobs. Obama does not embrace these policies at all. We're breeding generation after generation of social misfits and it's finally coming home to roost. Can't pay out more than we have. Can't borrow more either. We'll be speaking Chinese soon.

    Yes, the socialist cause has been around at least since the post civil war era and mostly since 1964. Some might say I'm an elitist too, but I've seen the results of hard work and success at a relatively young age. I know that no community organizer holds the key to this lock. Forced to pick between Obama and Romney this is a no-brainer. Then again I'm protecting everything I've worked for from the "have not's." Which brings me to a whole different conversation... does anyone actually think Obama has the ability to raise taxes on the wealthy? Ludicrous! My accountant and attorney are smarter and faster than Congress. Nothing more than class warfare. THAT is where Obama is dangerous to America. He's splitting the people, not uniting them.

    Regarding the vote thing... I agree, my vote in NYS doesn't count at all. NYC has so many people (40% of state population) that they have hijacked the state electorate. I believe the election should be decided on popular vote, not the electoral college as it is no longer fair and equitable.
    I don't disagree with a word here, BC1. I'll even acquiesce the point that, if there is a chance for restoration of this country, of the two that we'll have to choose from this election, Romney is better-suited to bring that chance to fruition. I personally think that chance is infinitesimal, but cede the point that it's a complete impossibility under Obama.

    That said, I still don't see how your vote, my vote or the guy's from Maine vote is going to influence anything this year. Are you saying that your participation is anything other than symbolic? I mean, it may well fulfill a sense of civic duty you have within yourself, and that's fine if that's your motivation, but are you contending that it will have any effect whatsoever in the Electoral College vote?

    And man, it sure never crossed my mind that you're an elitist of any description. Anyone who would suggest such a thing because you are successful, or because you are motivated in your politics by self-interests, or because you want to protect whatever good and prosperous life you've built for yourself is no better than Marx, Stalin, Mao or Obama! While I've had periods of success in my life, overall it's been quite the struggle just to break even, but I recognize whose fault that is. I look at the person whose fault that is every morning when I comb my hair in the mirror. The only thing I've ever found myself being envious of are people whose faith is so strong and deep that they never worry about what life will bring. I am envious of the comfort and peace those kinds of Believers have within themselves, but I have never wasted a moment being jealous or envious of people who have simply done a better job of earning money or acquiring stuff than I have. Seriously, I earnestly congratulate you for any success you've had in life.

    Still, your vote won't count this year! LOL Sorry, couldn't resist. Have a good'un.......


    ETA: Somehow when I hit "Reply" I hadn't seen your third paragraph, so my second paragraph looks like I'm hammerin' you for something you've already answered. Sorry 'bout that. Not sure how I missed that, but obviously I did.
    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

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    if you know who you are there is no reason to envy anyones faith or belief system
    knowledge eliminates fear
    i agree about the electoral college bs another way to cheat us our voices
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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