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    You all need to think more rationally. The next President will either be Obama or Romney. If you seriously do not want Obama to win re-election then you must vote for Romney. A vote for Paul is a wasted vote. My reasoning is this... the popular vote does stand for something, it might not win you the presidency, but it can sure as hell cause enough controversy to demand a recount. Romney needs as many votes as we can give him so that if the Democrats are able to swindle the election , no matter what the vote is, then we can still get recounts in states that have voter fraud. If the recounts would have been allowed to continue over and over in Florida the Democrats were going to take that state no matter what they had to do and Al Gore would have been the new President. We are at a desperate time in this country and this will be the most important election since 1980. If you want Obama out of the White House then the only person that will be able to do that come November is Romney. We need to vote for Romney!

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    My name is Craigzy1 and I approve this message.

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    And if Obama wins, you'd be just as guilty as the idiots who voted for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhodge83 View Post
    just saw this and found it fitting for many threads on here...

    Fire them. It isn't the government's job to run the country, and it never was. Anyone who wants a country where the government runs things, move to North Korea. Just let us know how that turns out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpie13 View Post
    And if Obama wins, you'd be just as guilty as the idiots who voted for him.
    Not sure how you come to that conclusion from my post??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craigzy1 View Post
    Not sure how you come to that conclusion from my post??
    i'm thinking he failed to quote someone before your post.

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    I just came from a Political fundraiser and eveyone was buzzing about this movie.
    It started off with a limited number of theaters, but has proven to be so successful that they are now rolling it out to a much wider market. Has anyone seen it yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleeyes View Post
    another media charade i don't care who obummer is i know enough to know i don't want him up in the white house for another 4 years nor do i think romney will serve our nation well either
    both pre-selected picks from the most putrid power elites on the planet
    i'm still voting for ron paul and my conscious will be clear knowing i didn't vote for another stinking schmuck
    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BurgerBoy View Post
    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama.
    Agree. The Socialist momentum must be slowed. If you don't like the Obama Socialist regime and you are going to vote, you need to vote for Romney. Even if it makes you throw up in your mouth.

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    So I looked into the overseas counting and found a number of articles stating how the votes for this election will be counted in Spain. What?! It gets worse George Soros (one of the most corrupt individuals who prides himself on selling out Jews during world war ii and destroying countrys' economies to make money) owns the company that is doing the county. He is a major anti gun activist, socialistic supporter, and Obama supporter.

    This election could be won by changing the numbers of votes for candidates.


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