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Thread: California: Banning the bullet button (SB249)

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    Quote Originally Posted by walt629 View Post
    Wouldn't it be best to just cut California loose and let it drift away?
    Of course that is the best solution. Superman should have never interfered in Lex Luther's divinely inspired mission.
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    Then hopefully it is good-riddance to bad rubbish once and for-all. Then there are the members of the Liberal Faction in the USA that are pushing for UN Small-Arms bans that need to be gotten rid of once and for-all.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rdm6680 View Post
    What is a bullet button.
    I've just started a website offering several color and design choices for California bullet buttons. As indicated on my website, "smith brothers isn't the first company to manufacture a California bullet button release tool. But, we're the first to offer California shooters with this many choices."

    The website is still under construction and doesn't yet show up well in Google searches, but it should be up in a few days (as of August 17, 2013). I encourage you to check it out. I have a pretty cool product to offer.

    As a shooter myself, I don't like the California gun laws any more than anyone else. But in such a liberal state, I'd rather have the bullet button than an outright ban on my M4.

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