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    Brief · July 2, 2012

    The Foundation
    "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground." --Thomas Jefferson


    Meet the newest "tax.""[A]t the risk of being a broken record [on ObamaCare], we remain focused on the wrong issue because conservatives and Republicans do not want any part of the right issue. Congress would not be able to tax anyone a penny if the subject matter on which lawmakers sought to spend the money raised was not within Congress's constitutional authority to address. Health care and health insurance are precisely such issues. So why does Congress get to raise taxes for and spend money on them? Because the country -- very much including Republican leaders and many conservatives -- has bought on to the wayward progressive premise that the General Welfare Clause of the Constitution empowers Congress to spend on anything it wants to spend on as long as their is some fig-leaf that ties the spending to the betterment of society. That, and not an inflated understanding of the Commerce Clause, has always been the problem. Republicans are afraid to touch this because, if you follow the logic, you'd have to conclude that Congress has no constitutional authority to set up a social security system, a Medicare or Medicaid program, or most to the innumerable Big Government enterprises that Republicans support while, of course, decrying Big Government. Republicans occasionally want to limit what government spends, but they don't want to acknowledge any constitutional limits on what government could spend -- that's what has gotten us to this point." --columnist and former DoJ attorney Andrew McCarthy
    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seeya View Post
    ...we remain focused on the wrong issue...
    For me, that says it all.

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    do the math
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Excerpts and blurbs are nice, but the whole article is better. I strongly suggest everyone read it.

    The arguments over powers intended for the Commerce and "General Welfare" Clauses go all the way back to pre-constitutional America. Hamilton and Madison fought each other in the press over those powers, and Madison won as far as the understandings by We, The People at the time of ratification. However, Hamilton finally won in the end with the enactment of FDR's New Deal, and literally thousands of subsequent statutes have solidified his win ever since. The "Father of The Constitution" was finally defeated by a ghost, as has the promise of a constitutional, representative-republic, free America been.

    McCarthy is right; it is an exercise in semantics whether or not the ACA is now a tax, or a penalty, or a fine, what have you. The fact of the matter is that for 100 years, We, The People, have accepted Hamilton's vision of completely unlimited government based on verbiage in The Constitution that its very author asserted an exact opposite interpretation of. This election won't change that. It can't. It is literally illegal to revert back to a Madison view of the Republic because of the usurpations that Hamilton's adherents have codified into law through statute and court decisions over the years, the ACA being just one amongst many that make that analysis true.

    America is dead. What it will be replaced with is the only question in this year's election. Every single name that appears on your ballots knows that if they win the seats they're going for, they will not govern under the intended meanings of The Constitution, and none of them will put their power on the line to work towards restoring it. Anyone who can vote for any of them is the willing subject of usurping tyrants; actively demanding that their tyranny be imposed upon them. How has that worked out for us so far? Precisely predictable I would contend. We have gotten exactly what we have demanded: tyranny, whether judicial, political, individually despotic or legislative in nature. I will not participate in this faux election process anymore. I will not acquiesce to tyranny, accept it, nor BS myself into believing it doesn't exist. This faux republic that has emerged from the ashes of a once-great, once-free nation must be defeated, destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up if we are ever to be free again. That ain't gonna happen though, because the tyrants have made the chains of soft tyranny way too comfortable for the masses to resist the allure of.

    Standing by for the irate subjects to come flame me now.....

    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

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    The progressive liberal socialists have won the day and the main stream media deserves most of the credit. It's a little tough to roll back social freebee's when the other side get's accused of starving children and throwing grandma off a cliff. This happens every time conservatives try to cut back on social programs. The main stream media is right there promoting the social cause.

    Someone tell me how the homeless person standing on a street corner with his had out, some of them make a pretty good living by the way, doesn't have insurance, has no intention of buying insurance and pays no taxes. How is this individual going to be fined and/or taxed for not buying health insurance? Currently they can go to any ER and be taken care of, no insurance required. With Obama Care they can go to any ER and get treated, no insurance required. Why buy health insurance? They will still be on the street corner, still collecting cash, still not paying taxes, still collecting all the same free social benefits and not be fined and/or taxed for not buying health insurance. Anyone that has the guts to even mention cutting or eliminating any of these programs will be branded by the progressive liberal socialist as starving children and throwing grandma off the cliff and the main stream media will be right there with them. So the cycle continues.

    Those that take personal responsibility will continue being forced to support those that reap the benefits for having no personal responsibility. Rant over.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    As long as the people allow it, politicians will do as they please.
    Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia...Tenche Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.

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    America will fall without a shot being fired. Our demise will be the result of our enemies within our own government using our own laws to achieve our ultimate destruction.
    In America today, it's considered worse to judge evil than to do evil. Never let these Christophobic Liberal Progressive Purveyors of Infanticide & Homosexual Perversion who always manipulate truth to be hate speech set the terms in a debate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuhr52 View Post
    The progressive liberal socialists have won the day and the main stream media deserves most of the credit.
    It isn't over yet maybe the The Supreme Court's decision has upheld Obamacare almost in its entirety by
    calling it a tax.

    There is nothing we can do about the Supreme Court. Justices decision, we
    must now focus on the elected branches of government.

    When Republicans took over the House last year, they promised to repeal
    Obamacare which was one of the reasons we elected them. Those Tea Party
    Candidates we elected tried to do what the People wanted.

    But the Old guard including House Speaker John Boehner at the Federal level
    caved at every opportunity.

    At the State level in Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine was more
    worried about protecting incumbents than promoting the Tea Party candidates
    and didn’t hesitate to spend over $2,000,000.00 of the Ohio Republican
    Party funds to do so. Now they have the gall to keep calling my home for
    donations after doing everything possible to keep our Teaparty candidates
    voice silent.

    Republicans promised that if their repeal bill is blocked in the Senate,
    they would refuse to fund Obamacare.

    They passed the "Ryan budget," which defunded Obamacare.

    But Boehner caved on September 30, when there was the threat of a government
    shutdown and agreed to an Omnibus bill that included funding for Obamacare.

    All the Republicans in the House have to do is stick to their budget. If
    Democrats want to force a shut down over de-funding Obamacare when 72% of
    the Independents want it repealed than so be it.

    The Supreme Court has spoken, Now it is up to the People, replace every die
    hard politician in Congress and Senate both Republicans and Democrats.
    “Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    All we need is the

    Unfortunately, the two party system deems us unable to focus and hone in on a single issue like that. Ive given up and I'm voting for obama. At least he will take action on issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the__outlaw View Post
    All we need is the

    Unfortunately, the two party system deems us unable to focus and hone in on a single issue like that. Ive given up and I'm voting for obama. At least he will take action on issues.
    I think you may be-a-trollin'
    Quote Originally Posted by Deanimator View Post
    [*]Don't be afraid to use sarcasm, mockery and humiliation. They don't respect you. There's no need to pretend you respect them.
    Operation Veterans Relief:

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