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    Photo of the Year

    Remember this come November!

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    Ain't that the truth!!!!!!
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    Excellent! You gotta love those wascally Tea Partiers.
    Happily clinging to God and my guns...not at all bitter.

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    It's time we wake up from this nightmare!

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    Photo of the Year-299033_2366671085256_1204784063_2918839_1530002_n.jpgPhoto of the Year-barrysoetoroakaobama.jpgPhoto of the Year-poli-ticks.jpgPhoto of the Year-poltickz.jpg

    more photos of the year
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    BooBOO said that " he alone " could fix this mess that Bush made in 6 months!!!...... and get us back on track. Now BooBOO say he need another 4 years to kill us .. opps I mean save us and get us back on track. This is from the same guy who said he would not let our Janesville GM plant close if he were elected...the plant has been gone now for 4 years....and GM has put money(tax payer money that has not been paid back) into Mexico 500 million and China 500 million, and we have no jobs here in this state or around the country.
    I am NOT a BIG MITT supporter but will vote for him this november, This MAN has to go!!! and if that does not happen , all I can say is knuckle down folks and pray.

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    Just remember what Obama has done to our grandchildren's furtue in the election in 2012. GET him out of there or else.

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