United Nations Arms Trade Treaty
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Thread: United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

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    United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

    Here is a reminder for all who cherish "The Bill Of Rights," (the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution). If Obama and Hillary have their way, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty will be signed on July 27, 2012. It's not over then. It still has to be ratified by Congress. If ratified, it is a done deal and can not be undone. See the video below and get all the facts.

    US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27!

    IF we allow this treaty to be ratified, it will weaken the United States Citizen because If they can do away with the Second Amendment, they can do away with ANY of the Bill of Rights amendments and destroy the citizen's ability to maintain freedom and liberty.

    Write to your Senators TODAY, and urge them to NOT RATIFY the UNATT. There are only 18 days before the signing.
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    This has been discussed on several threads...nothing new here.

    UN Gun Control Treaty
    UN Treaty
    UN To Control Guns
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    I am concerned about several UN treaties signed onto by our government. However, I am ever more concerned about the transition of our republic into a dictatorship. We already have rule by executive order and a congress thay seems incapable of stopping the transition. Our president regularly engages in selective enforcement of the law. He ignores both the laws and court decisions with which he disagrees. The danger is real and totally ignored by the news media. The cities of Washington, Chicago and several others only seem interested in how to circumvent recent court decisions, laws,and the Constitution. The second amendment has always been a threat to the progressives and their ambition of totalitarian rule. Private firearms ownership throughout history has always been eliminated before the institution of a dictatorship.

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    They just want money they don't care about our rights.

  6. We need to get a movement to get that rat infested building moved approximately 100 miles to the East. This is no joke. The US has no business in dealing with the UN. Many of these member nations are run by thugs and tyrants, and they are trying to tell the US what to do? How to legislate it's citizens? Get the hell out of our country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple View Post
    This has been discussed on several threads...nothing new here.

    UN Gun Control Treaty
    UN Treaty
    UN To Control Guns
    agreed. nice observation.
    this puppy is ringing alarm bells for a lot of people.

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    Pure FUD. It is an international treaty intended to regulate conventional arms trade in foreign/international markets and has nothing to do with internal U.S. law or U.S. constitutional issues.

    Absolutely nothing.

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    Others, such as former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, caution gun owners to take this initiative seriously. He believes that the U.N. “is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there is no doubt that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control.”

    There is a tendency for gun owners to become complacent and not believe that what happens in the UN could affect them. I find it interesting that, even on a site called US Carry, there are so many who believe this subject to be a political ploy or an NRA rant to increase membership etc.

    Another interesting read on this subject.....

    The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty: Are Our 2nd Amendment Rights Part Of The Deal? - Forbes
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    Maybe interesting to people who tend to believe FUD:
    Quote Originally Posted by whitefeather View Post
    Nothing but speculation + rhetoric = FUD in that article. Not one single relevant fact.

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    it's top story at drudge right now..lol

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