Gun Control in 2009
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Thread: Gun Control in 2009

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    Gun Control in 2009

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    I think there will be a real attack on 2nd amendment rights. If either Demon crat wins the presidency they will have the odds in their favor and if McCane wins who knows. I do not really trust him.
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    Good article but I don't trust any of them. They're all out for their own agendas and don't really care about what the people want. They say no new gun bills and that's great --we just need to keep our guard up

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    don't trust any of them. what they say and what they do are completely different things.. always gotta pay attention and do what we can to keep our rights safe.
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    I agree not to trust them and that we have to be alert. One important thing the article left out that might make a difference either way, is the Heller case.

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    If Obama were to declare marshel law we would all be living in New Orleans.

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